Run Ads without buy box hijacked listing


Hello All,
I had a listening which was doing great, it is a private label product but them someone comes and hijacks listing will sell price of 1/3 of what I am offering.

I am getting nowhere with support.

May I ask if i run an ad would the ad be directly go to purchase my prime product?

Note the other product is not prime but still has the Buy Box.

Support mentioned this seller has been reported by multiple users and is under investigation, but 3 days later he is still there racking in my sells and will be sending the poor customers a poor product if he sends anything at all.

My UK Brand Trademark will not be ready till next month, any advice?


Your ads are only active while you have the buy box


If you are running Sponsored Brands the ads will continue regardless of who has the buy box, so in that instance anyone selling against that same PDP can benefit from your advertising.
When Amazon shoppers click your brand logo, they go to your Store or a simple landing page. When they click the product, they go to the product detail page.
With Sponsored products you won’t be charged or have the campaign running if you lose the buy box so won’t be indirectly advertising or having your competitors benefiting at your expense.


Thanks both, so i tried the ads and I got the message that i need the buy box.
Sponsored brands is only available for Amazon Registered Brands which i cant have till my registered company completes.


at least you are saving money for not having it run. Just have to be patient… nothing you can do… we got the same issue atm.


The problem once people receive their fake product, there is going to be a heap of poor reviews. I’ve seen it happen on other listings and Amazon sis not remove the reviews even with photographic evidence from buyers that they received something totally opposite.

Have you made any progress in resolving the issue?

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