SAFE-T reimbursement claims now available for CSBA orders


We have launched SAFE-T for Customer Service by Amazon (CSBA) orders on the UK Amazon store. This will allow you to claim reimbursement of Amazon-issued refunds, for which you must not be held financially responsible in accordance with the programme policies.

You can file a SAFE-T claim to request a reimbursement when a customer has been refunded by us on a CSBA order and there was an issue with the return, for example, if a returned item is not received in original condition. Your request will be assessed and we will reimburse you in accordance with our Customer Service by Amazon refund reimbursement policy. Review the policy to learn which use cases are eligible for reimbursement via SAFE-T, what restrictions apply, and how to file a successful claim.

For more information, go to Customer Service by Amazon refund reimbursement policy.


see how they release this news late on a Friday night hoping no one see it i bet.


Good luck is all I can say.


I am a little confused with this policy especially when comparing the Conditions of Use & Sale specifically the following statement under the heading OUR VOLUNTARY RETURNS GUARANTEE

"All products from the Amazon sites can be returned within 30 days of receipt of the products to Amazon if the products are complete and are in an unused and undamaged condition.

So my question Amazon would be refunding the buyer before the seller has had the opportunity to inspect the return and then if the return falls under the above heading the seller has to raise a SAFE-T claim is that correct?

What happens when the order is not returned having received a prepaid return label? The fund sits in pending status for over 30 days?

Also to return the order £3.35 is paid out of the seller fund when the return has not been made in accordance with Conditions of Use & Sale i.e returning a product which has been used, damaged or replaced with older model etc etc.

Every return incurs the following charges £3.35 plus 5% fee plus outbound shipping costs and processing costs for return.


How are high volume sellers supposed to know which orders have been ‘helpfully’ refunded by Amazon?

For example a buyer opens a return request, which is auto accepted. Buyer sends item, gets auto refunded, but then the item is never delivered back to us. How will we know? We’ve had the postage charge sent to the buyer and the cost of the item, and there’s a good chance we’ll never know.

Are we seriously supposed to go through pages of returns to cross reference with what has actually been sent back?

Absolutely appalling system.


Oh, great. We have boxes of returned goods which are not re-sellable, used or something entirely different. How do can you identify which order it was? There’s a numbered sticker…is this it?

How far back can we claim?


Also spotted that issue quite quickly. In that some items are likely to get lost in the post - how do you know though?

Have found that several universal tracking solutions exist that allow you to plug in tracking numbers (the one I’m testing is 17TRACK and accepts both Royal Mail and Evri) and it will track them all and also looks like you can trigger notifications as well based on rules you set.

Still testing 17TRACK but its looking promising in doing what I want it to - but would love to hear if any other solutions are being used!


How about Amazon’s customer service do NOT refund customers on our behalf? It’s our money you’re playing with. We shouldn’t have to wait 28 days to be given the good graces of an “Appeal”.


I would imagine that Amazon would expect that any high volume seller would have a dedicated member/s of staff that deals with the returns process within their remit, whether it be for a couple of hours a day/week or on a full full time basis.


I’m sure many do, but even at our level where we process thousands of refunds a year there is no process that we can find to check that the refunds Amazon have automatically issued correspond to packages that have been delivered back to us, delivered to the wrong address, lost in the post or contain part of a multiple item order etc without manualling going through every refund that Amazon have issued.

What a total mess.


Can you clarify how we can upload an image of a garment of clothing which is returned unsaleable and stinks of tobacco to get reimbursement?


Had my first SAFE-T and of course it was denied. the return was delivered to another country and the tracking shows it delivered to another country Amazon state it has nothing to do with them and denied the claim.
A shameful decision but and expected decision.