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I am having real issues and trying to contact Amazon support is impossible?

All my listings are saying ‘‘Currently Unavailable’’ and not happy over a 4-month period they have taken the business seller payment, but cannot sell any goods.

Not that happy so if someone either at Amazon or on this forum could help I would be eternally grateful



P.s Is there an easy way to talk to Tech. Support or is that a complete no go


Amazon only come here every so often. Was your account ever fully verified? Have you had any contact from Amazon?


Hi Demel

Thanks for your reply

It has been a complete nightmare to be fair. Setting up the account sending documentation to prove we are legitimate then getting asked for more, then sending the original all of which takes 72 hours+ each time.

Listing not verified then I did manage to speak to someone after raising a log complaint, seems now it is impossible.

I am normally calm and work through things, but Amazon seem to make it so hard

Wish I could or know how or even let Amazon sanction the verification method>

I need help