Safety data sheet (SDS) or exemption sheet Upload


I uploaded the SDS sheet few times now, but the product state remains the same. I mean no where in the product data / journey it shows the SDS sheet is updated.

If I try Convert to Fulfilled by Amazon its asking for [Add dangerous goods information] again. Which I did already and also uploaded the excel sheet in the next screen.

The behaviour is bit confusing as don’t find any status of product approved / rejected for fulfilment by Amazon.


You have give them at least 4 working days, before something is approved.
Do be aware, that it may take longer at this time of year.
However, if it has been some time, then there is a problem with whatever it was that you uploaded.
In that case, they don’t bother to tell you what, but you have to keep trying.
It’s a long winded and annoying process.


Have you got the right form, they updated it back I the summer but didn’t tell anyone, and if you’re still using the old form they’ll just ignore it.