Sales figures totally wrong


on my dashboard the sales figures are completley wrong,it says 7 days sales in the little box at the top and the amount is thousands more than reality.

anyone else have this problem?

now im worried wthis will all stay logged and ultimately make tax returns a total mess and WAY over realistic.

AMazon support first response

“do you have an order number”
at that point i lost the will to live

i told them “the 7 day sale is showing a massively exagerated number”

Reply “do you have more information on this”

“am i talking to a bot here?”

i gave up and came here where the humans live.



This has already been posted about see above


its way more than double or triple,the decimal point need shifting to the right.

more like 10 times the amount.


also im talking about sales figure not orders amount.
i have no orders the shop is shut due to the stress of it all,considering making this a permanent state too.
very close to having had enough.


Have you looked at the posting as sales are mentioned as well


im a rebel…nope.


i cant even find that post


The last reply to it was three hours ago and it’s easy to find


Getting the same on my 7 days it says ive taken 150k i flipping wish also says i have 30 messages when i have 6 also says I have 650 pending order and that I have sold 27000 units in 7 days it is defo not correct



You replied to the wrong person I didn’t need to know it was Zionman


The tax man is coming!

this is the worry that these ridiculous number will stay on record.

also i SWEAR ive had orders already sent that have re-appeared.
i had one with such a distinctive format (i had to change it as it was waffle) ,then i see it again after it was sent,it was definately the same address but when i checked thinking ive sent this already there was no record of it,so i had to send again.

maybe 270 million a day isnt enough to keep the website running…up the charges!!


Anyway im glad its not just me,hopefully this will be resolved in the next few years.

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