Sales gone to from not great to stopped altogether


Anyone else’s sales really died in the last few weeks. I seemed to be doing okay (Ive never sold a huge amount, not sure why) and then suddenly nothing its like im not being seen anymore. Even my FBA seems to have stopped.

I have been changing my titles (to try and increase sales) and increasing the amount of words in them (keeping to around 150) just wondering if that can cause a problem and Amazon needs to catch up again.

Can someone do a check on a listing and tell me there is something im doing wrong please.


If you post a couple of your ASIN’s other sellers will be able to have a look at those listings.

Have you checked you holiday settings, some sellers have occasionally mentioned these have been turned on without their knowledge


Checked holiday settings, items all still active.

B08TYYPHLR This is one with the re-done longer itle

B08N823P19 This is one with a shorter title



they seem alright to me maybe put some bullet points for the more expensive one


Just asked for help from the regular posters on here, jewellery is out of my comfort zone, hopefully others may be able to add info like Chris has just done :grinning:


The more expensive one has not yet been edited to put bullet points on. I’m slowly working through them all.

Just a thought which title do you think is best? Long or short?


Thank you for your help


Your listings look fine generally.
I see that a few have reasonable ranks, up into the 15000’s on handmade.
However, I have no idea what those kind of ranks should be selling at.

But I would imagine that Jewellery industry wide, would be seeing a slump currently.
Why spend on jewellery if your not going out?

If your looking for sales, maybe think along the lines of a more FMCG type product, just to keep things turning over.
Otherwise your only real alternative, is to hit the adverts. Which I think wouldn’t help a great deal, whilst we are still in lockdown.


Thanks, i do have two others sites i sell on and also my own Website, which is quiet too. Although i do understand that people are not buying jewellery if they are not going out. Husbands are still buying wives birthday gifts etc, which i see on my other sites.

I am advertising as of today, cpc sponsored to see if that helps. I just wondered generally how the listings are, which you say are fine so that’s good, but long or short titles, im still not sure?



personally i would always prefer shorter titles as long as you have all the relevant info on there
and you have all your keywords in place
you could look at your other items rankings you have and check on jungle scout(which i think you
now have to pay for) or amz scout which i believe is still free for checking rankings to see how many you should sell in a month


Hmm interesting, the reason i started to put longer titles on and finding a couple of other jewellery sellers who had longer titles saying they were selling well. Plus the one lady said that when she had short ones, she sold nothing, so thats why ive been increasing.

Ive not head of jungle scout of amazon scout before, ill take a look thanks


yes like i say just my preference
it is called AMZ scout and i think its still free just put in country and category and sales rank and it will give you estimated sales per month jungle scout is very good as well and used to be free but you have to pay for it now


You can still use jungle scout rankings for free, you just have to create an account.
And up to 10 checks a day without it.

However, it doesn’t rank handmade.


ah right wasnt sure i know amz scout you can check immediately
didnt know it didnt have handmade a bit surprising really
still a useful tool to have at your disposal


I think the shorter titles are better. As a buyer I am put off by lots of keywords in the product name and tend to scroll on by…


Hmm now thats makes me wonder, funnily enough my sales stopped when i started making the titles longer, maybe i should go back to smaller ones.


I totally agree with you on that one Alison, but it is only personal preference


Do you think would be too short, or just right? :-

Emerald Green Crystal Gold Plated Adjustable Ring


Busy reducing all my long titles again now, would this be okay? :-

Emerald Green Crystal Gold Plated Adjustable Ring


i would and like alison (penelope pitstop) quite rightly says as a buyer longer titles put me off
just make sure all the relevant info about the product is present