Sales gone to from not great to stopped altogether


Thank you, ill see if the sales pick up again with the shorter titles.


If that is something I’m interested in and I like the look of the item in the main picture then I would then look at the details


yeah not a magic bullet but may help a little and dont forget bullet points anything that can relay vital info to a potential customer as fast as possible in this million mile an hour world we live in


Perfect, IMO, has all you need to know at first glance.

From Amazon’s jewellery style guidelines, the title format is as follows: [Brand] + [Metal] + [Stone] + [Stone Size] + [Product Description] + [Defining Features]

For example
Hot Diamonds 9ct Yellow Gold 10pt Diamond 3-Stone Ring
9ct White Gold Amethyst and Diamond Bracelet
Sterling Silver Diamond Set Round Stud Earrings

And they say keep the title short and concise, up to a max of 200 characters

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


So technically i should be putting the metal first. so like “Gold Plated Emerald Green Crystal Adjustable Ring”?


technically yes …


technically but would it make much difference who knows but yes i would stick to the format


I have just checked the jewellery style guidelines (updated April 2020) and the max characters is 150 for product title, not 200, sorry for my mistake


Thank you, looks like i have some work to do on my titles 382 products, so will take a little while but if it helps with sales its worth it, thanks for your help, much appreciated. Lynn


Thank you for all your help, fingers crossed the sales improve with the title improvement :slight_smile:


Just a thought you might want to have a look at Inventory > Improve listing quality - there may be suggestions in there for some of your items?


Thank you that’s very kind


Yes, I’ve found the same. Was ticking along nicely, then last week just dropped off completely.


Valentines Day is over - the next big Day is Mother Day then Easter


Hi, I have also noticed that sales have dropped dramatically in the last 3-4 weeks. I don’t have an explanation.


I think that people are losing faith with Amazon and similar sites. There seem to be an increasing number of lost items, and prices seem to have risen dramatically since the pandemic started. Some people may also be concerned about items being delivered that could carry the virus. I’m not sure how changing your wording could affect sales.


This happened to me twice over the weekends.


Checking my listing using my phone i see most listings say only one item in stock and its never mine. When I use the lap top its okay everything is visible. So if buyers are shopping marketplace via phone they will not be able to see all the options for sale. I’m selling books BTW so don’t know about other things.


Something’s not right, I just tried searching " Rose Pink Rhinestone Crystal Earrings, Antique Brass, Silver, Gold,16mm Stone, Wedding Earrings, Gift For Her, Lead and Nickle Free, Gift Box" on Amazon and your listing doesn’t show, but does show if searched in Handmade. Whereas if I searched another sellers handmade title on Amazon ‘All Departments’, it does come up in the search results. Maybe check if any listings have been suppressed. I know that I’ve had plenty of listings suppressed due to having titles with Gift etc. I am not experienced in the handmade or Jewellery section so maybe has exceptions but I even find if a product has something like ‘would make a great gift for…’ in the title it would get suppressed, and I’ve also found when trying to update a product description with a similar phrase, the gift part would end up having to be removed as Amazon says this is prohibited text. Which is quite annoying when you are selling something that has a gift box included.


Why do you choose to have the customisation option rather than several listings with the different options - ie gold, silver, brass etc. Whilst the negative search never works (if at all?) on the amazon search pages, you are potentially excluding yourself being found on google search - ie if I am looking for “silver rose rhinestone earrings -gold” - your listing won’t show up. As a buyer on Amazon when shown lots of listings in my search I will only look at photos, so if I search silver earrings and your main photo shows brass, I won’t click it. Just my 2p worth re your listings, the actually listing looks great.

In general to answer your question my sales are up but in products that have benefitted (sadly) people not being able to get out to bricks and mortar stores. With questions like this there will always be sellers who say sale are slow and sales are up. Perhaps jewellery, especially special occasion jewellery has taken a hit due to current circumstances. Hopefully this will change for you soon.