Sales gone to from not great to stopped altogether


Hi Yes i am the same, i have a few orders trickling through, but the last couple of months have seen a major drop, I sell handmade jewellery too. But my other selling site is better. Dont know if amazon have changed anything but sales are def slow, slow, slow xx


Im busy changing the ones with gift in back to a shorter title.


I didnt know you could have multiple listings of the same item in different colours


Plus there are only a few of mine which i have recently changed, funnily enough in the last two weeks to a longer title including the gift word in the title. all the others are still not selling at the moment.


Ive just searched Burnt Orange AB Crystal Silver Plated Adjustable Ring, only two pages on the main site and its not there. Put in handmade and its the second one at the top.


Have you checked your delivery dates. Amazon keep extending our delivery dates (blaming covid) and we lose orders when they do this?

We can deliver 24hr but amazon are putting 2 weeks on!!

Proper pain but nothing we can do about it.


I don’t know if explained that very well but I meant a parent and child listing like YADOCA 12 Pairs Stainless Steel Stud Earrings For Women Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings Silver Small Ball Studs Sleeper Cartilage Studs Hypoallergenic 2mm: Jewellery


Wow i have no idea how to do that, may have to research it


Check your Inventory for items that may have simply deleted by Amazon Bots as they do on a regular basis just on a whim!?!
I speak from experience!!


I have noticed the same problem over the last few weeks as well. Totally different products though…there seems to be a cap on how much we sell in total anyway but this amount has recently been shrinking.
I’m not sure if anything is lacking in my listings, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks.
ASINS are: B07L3Z11RJ, B07JLMZ2F9,B0162RH656, B015UFTFPK


Very slow at the moment. Although it’s always a slow period the FBA listings have dropped weirdly low. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with titles etc.


Lets face it the economy is flat on its back and there is little if no spare cash in a lot of households, most of what I sell are consumables, there is a definate change in spending patterns, pay day weekend was average, but more multiple orders as though people are buying for the month rather than for the next week or two, and a huge drop in what I would call “luxuary consumables” or “a treat” down 90%, a flood of fake product also hasn’t helped, all peope see at the moment is a £4 - £5 difference and go cheap.


Im still selling on my other platforms just not here, strange


All the platforms I use are also about the same level, but a 10% drop where you sell 10 items a week is less noticeable than a 10% drop where you sell a few hundred items a week. Wholesale for me is up as shops start to restock for opening but retail is down more noticeably on Amazon than other platform, the drop ship I do for some customers is also down from around mid February.


I usually buy jewellery and bits and pieces for outings and gifts. The only things I have bought in the past year are loungewear, tracksuits and socks :smiley:


There are an amazing amount of people who do still buy for birthdays gift etc on other sites. But when i put in a listing on the general search and it only shows if i click on the handmade section. I think that says it all, handmade is not showing up in general searches.


It’s more that when all categories are selected (which is default) there is far greater competition. Sales are really low for me too right now but I’m still coming up in the general search as always.


I understand that but ive put in my whole title and still nothing, the search seems to pick up single words. so when i search for instance acrylic chain necklace, i get a couple of acrylic ones but mainly silver and gold chain jewellery. If i take out chain, then i get all acrylic necklaces.
I may come up in general search but i dont see it myself when i search.
Plus i decided to try sponsored ads yesterday on my whole shop £10 daily to start, don’t usually have any clicks when i set it between £2.00 - £5.00 but yesterday i spent £14 overnight. Ridiculous amount and when i try to contact amazon i cant, call back option not available. Needless to say i don’t do nearly as much work on my Amazon account as i do in my others because ive given up trying to get sales, ive tried all sorts, long titles, short ones, changing search terms, nothing works.

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