Sales have died


Same for us, sales down 80% to two days ago and 60% down to yesterday. Nothing pending either and very little spent on my ads. Noticeable to the point where I came to the forum to see if others had noticed the same.


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I am one of those who’s sales had been up all year by +50 - 70% on the year before (this is easy to see if you use the amazon sellers app). Thought I was going to kill it this xmas and invested heavily on stock and added lots of new lines. Come September sales started to fall rapidly and by xmas where down to -50% on last year and are still around there. As someone said on another thread, It makes sense that amazon change their bestsellers around so that people aren’t seeing the same things at the top of the rankings every time. I’m past worrying about it and listing stuff on other platforms.


Hi Sylvia

Your post echoes my findings exactly. Laid down orders based on expectations based on previous sales and now am carrying too much stock and have a cash-flow nightmare. My problems started at the end of October.

I looked on the seller forums just to check its not me or something I’m doing wrong. I have talked to my rep who has confirmed that repeats were well down in November and December so I think that confirms its an economic issue. For example. I’ve cut overtime, let a few casual staff go etc and the knock on effect if that is happening across the board is that people will not have cash to spend.

Sit tight for February as its likely from my experience to be worse when December credit cards have been paid in January.


but my point is ebay and testy channels are still very very good


From your name I’m guessing you selling personalised items, I have a friend who also does this as a side to her main business. She has complained about Amazon but has also said that on Ebay, if it wasnt for the personalisation orders, she would be selling very little.


I understand that. Our Ebay sales have been through the roof but it’s stuff that didn’t sell on Amazon, strangely enough. Amazon is always like this for many sellers this time of year. It does pick up so hopefully it will for you too :slight_smile:


I don’t think it is economical as lots of people had a good xmas on amazon. I think, given that other platforms are holding up well, that it is some sort of rotation thing or something to do with algorithms on amazon. My items have gone right down the rankings for no apparent reason and despite new advertising campaigns. I had never had such a good year before September/October.


What has changed is the huge media budget that Amazon spent on TV advertising for the whole of the Autumn which pushed visitors to the site. I didn’t look at views pre and post but I bet there is a huge difference and if Amazon isn’t getting the same volumes of visitors then clearly this will impact on sales across the site.

I should imagine that sales of low value items and essentials will still be coming through and of course things that people purchase as repeat purchases but I sell used books on Amazon and these tend to be impulse purchases. However I do also think there is an element of - not sure what to call it - ‘switching’ - Yin and Yang only not so much as cosmic forces but Amazon forces.

I know that some sellers of used books didn’t see a significant increase in Christmas sales and mine came on the back of a very poor previous 11 months (I saw a 70% increase on November and something like 60% on December 2018) but I wonder if those sellers are now seeing an increase in sales and / or a return to normality

I can honestly say that last year (2019) was my the worst year of trading on Amazon since 2013 (although I am making more profit per average sale) when I had c. 47% less stock. My sales currently stand at 80% down on the same period last month and 38% down on last year (for the same period) and I find the latter very odd.

Anyway time for me to go back to being an individual seller at the end of the month, no point in spending an additional £30 a month.


ah well if your sales are dead atleast you have a day to reply to “wheres my item” emails!

ive had no sales at all,although my shop is shut so it was kind of expected.
very close to closing for good,there has to be more to life.


What us sellers really need is a button saying “Where’s my orders” :wink:


What are testy channels?


Could mean Etsy and autocorrect changed it. :joy:


Ah right, thought I was missing out on something :smirk:


For goodnessake don’t Google it! It sounds a bit rude :slight_smile:


I do think a lot of it’s to do with the amount of new sellers, Sponsored ads and the way amazon have pushed prime,
Our amazon sales are still clinging on but we are only doing around a 1/4 of what we were selling.
It’s not unexpected as I’ve seen it drop and drop each year hence the reason we’ve spent our time on other channels, some which worked others that haven’t yet,

If you think about it, when a customer signs up for prime which most are prime members now as a pose to 2013 one of the big reasons is free delivery and the benefits prime brings, so why would they buy from third party sellers that don’t offer the same delivery services. customers know what they are getting from amazon in regard to service and delivery,
I have friends, neighbours and family that all use prime, I don’t buy from amazon but that’s out of bitterness, however I know my nephew, brother in law, neighbour, friends do.
Our FBA sales stay fairly consistent and have grown, our FBM have hit the floor even further in November,


that made me laugh :joy::joy:


That means that not only do FBM sellers miss out but so does Amazon, clearly I have books that are sold by Prime sellers but I have a number of books that are not sold by any Prime sellers and by driving away people like me Amazon is loosing it’s depth of offering.

It also accounts for the massive increase in sales for me in December where many buyers coming to Amazon were casual buyers and not necessarily Prime members.

This probably explains why almost all of my high priced (and relatively scarce titles) sell on Ebay after languishing on Amazon even when the price was lower on Amazon than on Ebay.


As far as OOP books go, I think it probably has more to do with Amazon search ‘hiding’ genuine ASINs while promoting bogus duplicates. This has been going on for years and shows little sign of improvement.

I think it must have a cumulative effect: buyers surely get frustrated at not finding what they are looking for at reasonable prices from reliable sellers so they go elsewhere…ie, ebay.
To a lesser extent I suppose Abe must get a few disgruntled ex-Amazon buyers but from what I’ve seen - with the exception of real rarities - prices are generally more depressed on Abe than they are on Amazon.