Sales Non Existent


Hi all i am just wondering if i have missed something. I usually have at least 2 sales a day sometimes more. But I am down to literally zero for weeks. Any advice gratefully appreciated.


There doesn’t seem to an account issue as your storefront is visible and the items i checked are visible in search. The only comment i can really make is your delivery times seem a little slower than similar products.


I was debating on whether to start a Is Handmade Dead? thread.
I was the top seller in Handmade: Photography but I haven’t had a handmade order for weeks & weeks now.

Checking the top sellers list, there’s not been much movement. I’m still in there, just a few places down. But it looks like the other sellers there too are not shifting much.

My Etsy store is doing ok - nothing like last year for obvious reasons - but at least people are buying.
On here, it’s only my non-handmade that are selling. And even then, it’s very quiet.

If you’ve checked your account health, inventory, etc., and see nothing wrong, then I’m afraid it’s just the way things are at the moment. Depends on what you sell too.