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I used to have an etsy business and I really enjoyed it. I want to get back into making and creating.

I feel like amazon handmade sales/revenue/success can be a bit hard to gauge. I am not selling on handmade at the moment but for those of you who are

How do you find it compared to etsy (in terms of sales/revenue/profit etc. )

Are any of you guys selling ONLY on amazon handmade, I would be keen to know how sustainable it is and if you can make an income via handmade

Thanks in advance
PS: sorry if this topic has been done to death, the threads I found were a few years old I am looking for post-covid insight


Etsy takes less fees overall and there’s less competition. Customers are not as fraudulent as Amazon’s customers. If tracking show delivered, then Etsy will side with you. We only had 2 claims in the 3 years on Etsy. Amazon is a very different story!
International sales on Etsy are excellent. We send normal international orders untracked and rarely have any problems.

Amazon customers have been too pampered and expectations are ridiculously high. We have the same product on both marketplace. Average on Etsy is 4.5 stars, on Amazon… 1 star. Free returns on Amazon is a pain, leading to much higher return rate than Etsy.

We aim to focus more on Etsy in our next project.

Plus the Etsy team are super cool. You can instantly chat and get instant results.


Wow that’s very interesting

I was expecting that amazon’s exposure to a larger customer base along with the limited competition on amazon handmade would have off set all those cons!

Aside from the fradulent customers (which is so frustrating) did you find that your monthly sales were high?


Why be a minnow in an ocean, when you can be a shark in a pond?

Bear in mind our catalogue on Etsy is much more limited than Amazon. We have many products on Amazon which are not hand made. But Etsy out sold Amazon last month.


That’s impressive
Are all your etsy products genuinely handmade (not trying to catch you out, just wanted some insight)


I have seamstresses who sew our main products, plus I wanted to keep it exclusive. Bitten once by a Chinese supplier, who produced my designs…but then sold the products to other buyers!!! But we also have products which are produced by our partners, simply because anything produced in UK is much expensive. Etsy allows this, but the products have to be handmade.


I sell on both Etsy and Amazon handmade along with my own website. Etsy and my own site are and have for a long time outsold Amazon handmade by a huge margin, the first year or so Amazon was great but it’s now lagging behind all other marketplaces for me. Handmade is just not Amazon’s bread and butter and they want it to fit their commodity model rather than embrace the differences.


Sell on Handmade, Etsy and own site (and offline).
Amz Handmade (for me) does about 1/3rd more than Etsy. As I have a large catalogue, I’ve stopped putting listings on Etsy as the listing fees were getting too high. The fee structure on Etsy is way over complicated. And I’m a bit annoyed that the Etsy app and mobile version hides a lot of the important details where customer’s never see them. Though Amz mess about with layouts too.

Amz Handmade was a bit ‘invisible’. But much more prominent now. But then it’s a little bit chicken and egg. Longer I’m here, the more I sell, the less I do something Amz doesn’t like, the better it got.

Etsy are getting a bit like Amz - messing with what you can/can’t do. Amz just keep adding more hoops as the months and years go on.

So it depends what you want. I only do UK to UK on Amz (cannot be bothered with the hassle). I do worldwide on Etsy - much easier.


What category do you guys sell in? By that I mean what type of product e.g. jewelry etc.

I am interested because your experiences are clearly so different :slight_smile:



Handmade >…>Photographs
Stationery & Office Supplies>…>Wall Calendars
Stationery & Office Supplies>…>Greeting Cards

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