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Is Amazon Handmade a site where you can list items and forget about them, until you have a sale? Or do you need to keep tinkering with it to keep it up in searches.

I dont work as much on my amazon as i do on other sites and needless to say it my worst selling venue.

I was also told that you should use words in the title in your search terms, the person i spoke to said he was really surprised that no words from my title were in my search terms. But it was a previous support person that told me not to do that, so i took them all out, im lucky if i get 4 sales a month and it used to me a lot more than that.

So my questions are do i need to keep doing something in the shop each day and do i need to put keywords from my title in search terms?

Out of all four that i sell on Amazon is the only one i struggle to get my head around and the only one i cannot make work for me sales wise.

Thanks in advance for any help


I personally list and leave. The official advice is you don’t need to duplicate the terms in your tittle and search terms but I admit for my most important ones I do just in case.

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