Sales ranking on amazon fba


Hi all,

quick question. I think the general opinion is that it is best to sell books which have a ranking below 1m.

Does this rule of thumb apply acroos all / most other markets or does it differ ?

and if it does differ how can I find out the thresholds for say electrical , candles , etc?

many thanks


Please note that sales rank isn’t the only and most important factor when deciding which books to sell FBA.

You need to look mainly at the number of competing offers and their price, as most book ASINs have dozens of sellers listing against them and there is a chance you will never manage to get a single sale, regardless of the particular book being a best seller.


I don’t sell books, but I would imagine that anything with a sales rank that low, is hardly ever going to sell anything.
It is a mixture of things that you need to look at beyond sales rank, as Kika has already said.

In any case, for other categories, there is a tool that can give you an idea of the number of sales, at a specific rank. Take a look at


I am 90% Small & Light all in one category,all SKU’s in Small & Light need approval & that means no products with existing pages will get approved unless the sales rank is better than about 25,000.
I will not consider any products in my category that have a ranking higher than 50,000,they are just not worth listing.


I tend to agree with you.
Though I’m in a few categories. Mostly electrical in one way or the other. Anything below about 15 -20k I won’t bother looking at.
Though of course there are always exceptions…


Bu sales ranking…
are we talking abut amazon best sellers rank?