Sales summary disappeared


So logged in this morning to see my sales summary disappeared. Cant see sales from the dashboard anymore. Anyone else had this?

Home screen very different - how to get back ols stuff?
Is it possible to change the information shown on the seller central page

same here
no sales summary


Yep, me too, why do they keep messing with seller central, just a mess now.


Yes, gone here. It was always useful to see “pendings”. Now invisible.


Me too. Also the link to the seller forum disappeared a week or so ago - the only way I can get here now is to click on a specific message of the two or so they show and then click from there.

Is there a way to configure this back? If it’s deliberate, it’s certainly a case of verschlimmbesserung (changing something with the intent of improving it but actually making it worse).


Yep, sales gone! No easy way of seeing the current sales any more.
Why on earth that have to get rid of THE MOST IMPORTANT tool on the page, I will never understand.
Only way to see it now, is through the flaming menus!
Not even supposed replacement on the toolbar, will default to the days sales!

One day, Amazon will actually listen to it’s sellers.


perhaps they are removing the big boxes at the top and the work has overrun?!


“One day, Amazon will actually listen to it’s sellers.”

I’d like to think that you are right… but I suspect they never will.


Oh I know, it was wishful thinking…


Yep, gone. Just to add to the many irritations of daily life in Amazon land.


As a small seller (maybe 2 or 3 sales per day), the pending sales information is invaluable. If I see that something is pending I wait for it to go through before going on the post run. It might now delay some deliveries by nearly 24 hours.


It’s not just the sales summary, the whole dashboard looks a complete mess with lots of useless boxes and all of the information that you need at your finger tips completely gone. So much for ease of use or user friendly. I’m at lease 2-3 clicks away from the information I need all the time.


Agree completely.
Before they started messing around with it, it worked, not perfectly, but it worked.
Why on earth they feel the need to change things that do work, just for the sake of change I will never understand.


I agree. I use the app on my phone which I like, but as I do 99.9% of my work on my desktop, it would be helpful if Amazon returned the sales summary.


Phew! Thank goodness the MASSIVE “Lending” box hasn’t vanished. It’s faithfully right at the top with no way to remove it.

No one needs to see there sales summary, surely! But EVERYONE wants to see how much money Amazon will lend them…

[In case you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic]


Just take the loan, it will disappear. :slight_smile:


It could be that they use monkeys, oh sorry, AI for tinkering with the web interface. Judging by what they do and all the surveys, the worst is still ahead.


Its very hard to now view pending orders and worse if you sell via MFN and Amazon fulfilled


There is a box on the page that says Important and it says “You can now find orders, sales, and payments data on the toolbar at the top of the page”… so basically they’ve removed everything and you have to click on the toolbar… Very annoying as it’s nice to see how many pendings there are and the daily sales total is also gone… again you’ve now got to go through the bar.


Soooooo annoying ! Has anyone worked out how you can view orders that have been shipped ? Usually in a ‘box’ it shows pending, current and past orders (1 day and 3 days) but I can’t find any way of looking at orders I have already shipped unless I have the order number ?