Sales summary disappeared


Well yeah this is obvious. I would like to see my sales summary first thing - I mean thats what we are working for right?


Who’s in charge of making these changes, I cant imagine what they must be thinking:sweat_smile:


Big backward step , now cannot see orders in pending at a glance , so orders will be going out later , and usually adjust stock as see a pending order.

thumbs down from me


Yeah I will have to do this too!


This is it! Brilliant comment:joy:


Loving the comments on here:rofl:


Everyone make sure you use the ‘Feedback’ tab that is at the bottom left of the seller homepage - if we don’t let them know it’s not user-friendly, they will think we are all happy with the changes.


Yes, I still have the same screen and my balance was £0 as well. My balance has since been updated however my sales summary hasn’t. I suppose Amazon minions are working hard.


You can always tell when people who create systems like this and have never used them in their lives, amazon has many here are saying are actively going backwards in their setups and yet their surveys suggest they are interested in knowing what people feel, total confliction of interest going on

The seller dashboard is now useless with all the useful info being hidden away, in particular the amazon customer services access, was useless at the best of times, but now its just defunked site

Amazon will have the a-z of the worlds crap on sale, that is all they seem to be interested in selling


How do you see returns now?!?!


Its called Predatory Pricing undercutting to sell at a loss details below:-


The sales summary all seems to be in the 6 small boxes at the very top now, all with a drop down menu. Pending sales also show there when you click on the arrow.


YEs, I’ve got the same problem. For the moment we just have to click on manage orders, and then get the info from there. A great big nuisance as it takes longer.


Yeah, things we could see at a glance now take numerous “clicks” especially if you are trying to compare time periods. I have left feedback using the blue “FEEDBACK” tab bottom left of the dashboard.


you don’t any useful information is now hidden


Am posting this again as I think it is most important for us all to express our honest opinion.


I’m used to mostly ignoring all the boxes - I tend to go straight to the text links at the bottom of the page.

Apart from the the new SC page, I got the new listing page yesterday.

It’s horribly clunky - it takes a while to load and is far too busy. They’ve also removed the drop-down options.

Who designs these things?

I get the imporession that it’s all designed to make it look better on a smartphone.

Have they forgotten that a lot of us use non-touch screens on desktops and laptops…?:keyboard::computer_mouse: :frowning:


My SC homepage is now dominated by six massive boxes:

News, Explore FBA, Seller Poll, What’s New, Seller Forums, List Globally

None of which (apart from news, maybe) are of much interest to me, espeically that idiotic poll.

And what is the latest ‘good news’?

Introducing a new Return feature for seller fulfilled orders

Returnless Refunds: The Returnless Refunds feature lets you automate your refund process for items that you do not need customers to return. If you offer Returnless Refunds and a customer requests a return for a SKU which you determined as eligible for a returnless refund, the customer will automatically receive a full refund from your seller account as soon as they submit their return request without you having to take action.



No they haven’t forgotten they just never knew. They have no idea how the real world works out here. I don’t care how wonderful and advanced they imagine they are, you can’t manage a proper business and do all the admin and sort images and print pick lists, print order paperwork, do your accounts and generally work 24/7 on a mobile.

But they have never run a business, they just live in this virtual reality where they think everyone manages their admin and business on a mobile device. It is only the people who don’t actually do the work who live in this mobile fantasy.

Some day they may grow up and discovered that their eyes are not as good as they used to be and they can’t see their silly little screens and that, in fact, they are very difficult to work with. They may get arthritis and discover they can’t hold and tap their nasty little mobile devices. I can’t wait and if I am still alive and kicking I will be able watch them struggle to learn how to use a proper computer. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Is that a pig I see flying over Hell freezing over?