Sales summary disappeared


Yep, just loads of useless stuff, but not what we need to know, as always with amazon!


Honestly its gone is a pain but the app has not changed so gives a decent view.

Seems strange to have to need both the app and web to see info we want to see.


yes same here, just contacted customer service


Possibly the worst improvement I have ever seen.


Give it time… :slight_smile:


This is becoming ridiculous, and like you, none of the boxes are of any interest.
Inone of my feedback rants I suggested they make them collapsible (as was possible in previous incarnations of the homepage) or at least moveable.
As for the Returnless Refunds - how can we be sure that it isn’t automatic ? - wouldn’t put anything past them .


I think it will be - that seems to be the point.

Sounds like a scammer’s paradise. :confused:


Indeed, why don’t they just advertise everything on Amazon is free no matter how much it costs. Sellers just love their job so much they want to send you all your orders free and pay for the postage as well. There are already guru’s telling people (for a small charge of course) how they can get all their christmas gifts free. :slight_smile:


That’s not even a news: a simple forum search (as these “returnless refunds” sprung to my mind) gave me a few past forum threads linked to this new “function” around two years ago (for UK and DE marketplaces).


(Sorry for sidetracking)


Sh, don’t give them further ideas! (:slightly_smiling_face:)


Changes for change’s sake. Amazon keeps deactivating listings for pricing error, including one item I had listed for £2.50. Stupid! I’m not adding any new listings on Amazon. Ebay is the way to go.


I’ve now got 8 boxes ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yep, and other seller’s offers still available at higher prices . :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rage:


AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL IS A JOKE - GRRRRRR - I’M OFF…As soon as i’ve made million :rofl:


When they dispurse the money in to your bank account it goes off and will restart tommorrow.


It seems they are encouraging us to discuss it here:


Goodness, how did you find that ? - how often do people go there ? - I never have.


Yes but why the need to execute 2 clicks to find the info and click back when no clicks and a glance was the simple way to go. By all means click if you needed to delve.
The Dashboard has now become an Amazon advertising board


There was a little link on the ‘News’ section of SC :slight_smile:


I can see pending and sales in the dashboard at the top of the screen. Is that no longer visible to you?