Sales summary disappeared




I just clicked ‘Reset to default view’ and now it’s even worse!

Boxes still there plus lots of useless white space…


Yes, pending is there but I now have to click through two other screens to actually see the pending item. Before it was just immediately visible.

And another thing. When I have confirmed shipment of an order the “Orders to be shipped” figure hangs around for 10 minutes or so before finally disappearing. Many time I’ve gone back to the seller page and thought “Oooh, a new order!”. It’s not, it’s just the old one hasn’t updated.
On Abe confirming an order immediately clears the order page AND adds to the sum total ££.


Ah, I see what you mean. On other selling sites (one in particular), all info about sales and listings is at my fingertips. Amazon seems to make it harder and harder to sell simply and easily. Sometimes I think that they are trying to force casual sellers (like myself) out, because we don’t generate enough fees for them. Serious sellers might be more willing to jump through the hoops, such as 2 step verification, to continue selling. Honestly I sometimes consider packing it in and just using Ebay.


should be renamed from seller central to lets have lovely useless boxes and nowt else useful


hmmmmm not good, I can’t find most of the things I use regularly


I still think the worst has got to be not being able to immediately see if you have an a-z, I assume it’s because they are now automatically granted, I think it is shocking that something that could effect your selling ability on Amazon should be hidden away. The same is true of feedback.


91 Comments (All negative?) - IN LESS THAN A DAY - Surely that says it all about how Amazon treats its Sellers.

SHOCKING :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I just want to see the headline sales data, orders that have come in and so forth in a simple single page. I agree the data is still there but what used to just be in front of your eyes for comparison takes a number of clicks and you have to click back and forth between options to compile the same information, making comparisons difficult.

What I can’t understand is why the App shows the information we need and now seller central does not. I’m a bit lost for words really. I thought the new boxes would be customisable, positionable and able to be dismissed once read but they are static, uncustomisable and show the same data over and over again, even when that data is not helpful and you have already read it. Quite remarkable really.


This…exactly this!


Hi can someone tell me how do I know how many sales I got today total amount, very strange


Hi, on the new top little boxes, e.g. Marketplaces / Orders / 7 Day Sales / etc

Click on the “7 Day Sales”, then on the pop up click on the next pull down that sales “7 Day Sales” and change it to “Today So Far” that will hopefully be what you are after (like I am also…)

Not very great is it but that’s where you can find it.


Is that when checking on the app? Someone earlier said to click on Reports>Business Reports and this does gives you your daily sales and also the “more seller metrics” bit which I was looking for myself.


Same here where’s it gone? Why keep changing things? If it’s not broke leave it alone.
Don’t like the new listing page either the old one much better but we get no choice anymore.
Not happy!!


Coming up soon:

Amazon has helped my business grow by removing the Sales Summary and other vital information from the Home Page.



if you could only dismiss the boxes, then it wouldn’t be so bad
i see this explore fba all the time and for someone that only does personalised items i will never use fba :angry:


Fab, have just downloaded app and can now see the sales details - thank you :slight_smile:


No I don’t use the app yet, here on the desktop versions if that helps.



Can someone please confirm that I am on the right Amazon website.
Is this the one worth billions £s or is this a one man band run from a tribe in the Amazon?
I’m starting to think the latter.
Surely the big company Amazon can find 1 decent or even average, developer and UX designer to sort out this mess. :exploding_head:


Dear Mr Amazon,
Can I please have the box back which told me in one go: 1) if something was pending 2) how many sales I had in past 24 hours 3) in the last week. Please.
Thank you,
Richard (aged 59 and a quarter)