Sales summary disappeared


and go back to the last user friendly
Dash board


ive had email for RETURN REQUEST from customer, but because its on the sales summary page, any ideas how we now go about approving them?


If you look under the orders drop down menu or the link at the very bottom of the page.

New Layout:-

Total Crap…



WTF Man. This makes keeping on top of your daily orders and pending order inventory impossible


Me too. Disappeared on yesterday. The sals summary is really useful. I miss it.


The order summary was by far the most useful widget on the dashboard… Now we just have a dozen useless tile adverts for “list more products” etc. WHHHYYYYYYYYYYY???

Does anyone know how it is possible to see a / the chart comparing today’s sales with yesterday’s? Is this no longer an option at all?


What lending box? can you from AMZ? How?


No annoying. Can see monthly orders and sales summary anymore


Concur 100%. The old dashboard was far user friendly wizard on amazon.


@DTMS_DIRECT Lending is by invite only.
You will find over time if you continue to increase in sales, that you will get offers from them fairly regularly.


Could you see last 24 hour sale and the pending orders anywhere.
Now …help ??? :frowning:


The dashboard is now pretty much worthless. I’ve bookmarked manage orders to be my homepage instead.


Yes, they’ve changed the home page format and it’s a real pain, isn’t it? Is it just to give someone something to do? I can’t see why people can’t understand the old adage ‘Change for change’s sake’ - it’s not always progress, and usually quite unnecessary and unhelpful. I have submitted my comments to Amazon - when you click on the top RH corner of the What’s New box (top RH of the page), it flips over and you can send your comments about it.


Do you have any number in mind? like 10k, 20k or 50k per month?


You can comment on all of the boxes by making them flip - click on the 3 dots in top right corner of the boxes, AND you can give overall feedback of the page via the ‘Feedback’ tab, bottom left.


Same here, 4th row down and off to the right, so off screen unless you scroll down because you know it’s there.

Has anyone discovered where you can compare today’s sales with yesterday and same day last year yet, please?


To be honest, I have absolutely no idea how it works.
From what I have read and seen on the forums, it seems to kick in when you have a fairly decent increase in sales.
I’ve just took one for 30k, but my sales have tripled over the last few months.
And what they offer, will very much depend on that as well.


Thank you for the information.


Yes me too, sick and tired of changes, its now becoming an every other day occurrence. if its ok dont fix it??


Same here. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it (rolls eyes)