Sales summary disappeared


george orwell would be proud of that


Yes, really really annoying. I’d thought I’d done something and opted/not optedt for a Beta page or something. Spent ages trying to reset, restart, revert etc. Very relieved (sort of) that we are all in the same boat. But I darn hope they bring it back again soon.


I don’t think they’ll go back. There’s a new box on there that states: “What’s New - Important - You can now find orders, sales, and payments data on the toolbar at the top of the page”

I remember a couple of years ago some BRIGHT SPARK at Amazon decided to rejigg how you could download sales reports. These are critical, at the year end to print off and give to your accountant… yet the powers that be decided that you would only be able to download the past 100 days. If you wanted more than that you had to download another file for the previous 100 days.

I emailed them explaining how stupid that was… and got a cut and paste response. A further reply told me how to download 4 files (for the 365 days I needed). However, about a month later it was changed back.

What gets me is that they must have meetings about the changes and a room full of people sit and discuss it and then they implement it. How many levels of discussion did this latest change go through without a single Amazon exec saying: “hang on a minute…”?


I just left feedback about how regressive this whole ‘upgrade’ actually is. It’s clearly geared towards handheld devices but I don’t see why Amazon can’t give the option to choose between the new Fisher Price Activity Center version and the previous one for us grownups.


Do you mean the graphs and sales comparison tables? If so, there is a way to reach them still. If you click on the ‘7 days sales’ box at the top of your screen, then click on the blue link for either the value or number of sales, it takes you to the graph page. Alternatively, under the ‘Reports’ menu, select ‘Business reports’ and it takes you to the same screen.


Please do comment here more often ! You totally crack me up !
But yes,I agree,this new dashboard is absolutely useless ,I left my feedback at the bottom of the page the moment i opened it this morning and i knew there will be a threat in the forums .But 150 posts and counting…Let’s hope this will get their attention as I don’t think they care much about the feedbacks we leave.


as a new seller on a popular auction site, i have seen their new seller hub, everything appears to be in one place and customisable to a degree
on Amazon all i get is 6 or 7 boxes all of little or no use and lots of blank space


The home page is now just a dashboard of drivel. I don’t bother looking at the boxes now, because they are not business critical, instead I just focus on the top bar.


It is awful, why fix when not broken?


Me too, do not like this at all!!


Cannot stand the new Seller Central Home Page. :sob:

It seriously sucks and is so much harder to see the data you need quickly.

Please return it to how it was, Amazon!


Well, the box count this morning is 9 - this is crazy.


I have TEN! With practically nothing else other than those boxes now. What a mess. It’s making me hate the home page for the first time ever :frowning:


It seems like this problem is here to stay! Who makes these decisions? This has no logical explanation - that was the most important box in the homepage and the only reason I would ever even look at the homepage.


& this thread has blown up, glad to see others are as infuriated as I am :slight_smile:


The issue that I have is that when we first started on Amazon, 12 years ago, Amazon really did proactively work to make sure that processes were as simple as possible. We had UK based seller support, and any changes made were only ever positive. They genuinely were both customer centric and seller centric.

Unfortunately, we’re now in a position whereby barriers to progression are constantly being put in place and ultimately, it’s driving seasoned, honest sellers away from the site. As these sellers leave, their replacements tend to be a combination of foreign sellers, ill informed private individuals who soon have their hands burnt or a bunch of crooks. This will inevitably lead to a site for both sellers and buyers that is not only hard to navigate and use, but also full of third party tat and dodgy sellers.

That’s a situation that none of us obviously want, but at the moment, that’s the way the juggernaut is moving. What we could really do with is for Doug Gurr and Jef Bezos to underatke a back to the floor exercise so that they can see for themselves how bad things are getting. With that experience they can then apply the required pressure on the senior management team to get things fixed. And I say that as both a long term seller and a loyal customer.

Until that happens though, the juggernaut will continue to trundle…


I’m so glad I’ve found this thread. I seriously thought it was just our account dashboard that looked like that.

Why remove the “Sales Summary” ?


Apologies if this is repeated elsewhere.

Are returns also now hidden? I noticed I had a Return Auth Request yesterday as the email came through while the phone was in my hand. When I logged on with the APP I could see it as I would normally expect to, but on browswer home page just the new ‘boxes’.

The returns auth that needed approving was no where to be seen on the dashboard. Surely that is the point of a dashboard - like a car to get quick important relevant information…?


Yes, that’s gone as well.
Though I would have expected that at the very least, one of these new flaming boxes would highlight it!
But I guess that’s useful information that they like to hide.


In agreement with all, but just to add my voice to the list of discontented sellers - the most useful pieces of information for us have now disappeared:

Sales summary (today, 7 day and 30 day totals)
Manage orders (pending, returns, FBA / FBM splits)

It’s a pain digging in the sub-menus and just wastes time, please change it back…