Sales summary disappeared


Truly awful I have put in feedback too, to complain. Sigh


It’s getting to the point now where Amazon may as well hide all our sales stats and other useful information that we need to run our business, and just stick a massive portrait photo of Jef on the dashboard with instructions on how to worship him.

Thank god we have scaled back our operation on here and are focusing on other platforms that are run by slightly less inexperienced buffoons.


It seems they are strugglig to get management who want to fix the real problems but are happy tp waste the money they do make on fancy "look how clever I am " graphic and usless parctical information. It smacks of systems developers and suppliers advising what needs to be done at some riduculous cost to keep themselves in business.


on the top bar, the orders box will show pending count, then in the territory list that opens up you can see which territory the pending is in and then click on that …!!

Useless, timeconsumming, pathetic and a total waste of money but hey ho !! These poor highly paid technicians need to do something and showing how clever they think they are is more fun than fixing real issues


Is it just me or has my account balance now disappeared too?


That’s gone too, and it was handy to see the last amount banked. At least we now have a neat and tidy front page of uselessness


I like it how the useless boxes are bigger than the useful boxes, and the useful boxes are almost completely useless

Guess this is what happens when tools and interfaces are designed by people who don’t have to actually use them


This is getting more useless by the day - wonder what the next step will be ?


Why wouldn’t they just keep the layout how it was with the option of putting 4 widgets at the top instead of their ones so you should choose what you wanted to see, who even authorises these changes and thinks that they’re improving the site


As I have said in a previous post, a former incarnation of the seller homepage did allow you to move the widgets around to allow you to ‘design’ your own layout, and could shrink ones you didn’t need.
Every single one of these new designs are a backward step, no improvement whatsoever.


Yep - done the same - really irritating - have to go searching for everything now - returns, prime orders, normal orders - left feedback on all the annoying widgets as well as the main feedback - definitely a step back in to the dark ages, wouldn’t be so bad if I could customize it myself! - Not a good move at all.


Work of novices. This is one of the most important stats!

I seriously dont know what is wrong with these Amazon folk but no one I speak to or looking at things like this clearly there is a lack of understanding and supportive attitude on their part.

I do wonder if they are continually making it harder for us so that their own brands can excel as they continue to squeeze out smaller sellers. I bet their own sellers have much better tools then us!


Whilst appreciating the majority of comments here, and the frankly retrograde improvements, using the words at the bottom of the page as click links works for me, until they u-turn perhaps!?


Yes, I noticed that a few days ago and flagged it up with Amazon.


bring the sales summary back! new layout is crap!


It is strongly recommended that Amazon restore the home page of the seller center


The new interface is ugly


Another big fat thumbs down for useless boxes.


I hate the new layout too. I cant see returns easily etc :frowning:


Perhaps if every disgruntled seller (including me) raises a case with seller central (that’s if you can work out how to contact seller central) this will alert an algorithm applying the 1% account health rule and Amazon will suspend itself??