Sales summary not updating


Anyone noticed orders not feeding into sales summary in seller central?


Yes I haven’t had an update for hours?


Same with me too. Orders coming in but the dashboard is lagging big time today.


Yep. Scared me to death this morning.


Same - it’s miles behind. Logged in around 9pm and saw about 50% of what I would usually expect to see… thought it was a VERY slow day. I’ve just logged into my Shopkeeper account and it has what i’d normally expect to see at this time. gone through and manually counted my sales and Shopkeeper is indeed correct. Amazon are about 40 sales off…


this is indeed the case with mine too. sales orders showing as 63. Business report and dashboard saying 44 orders.

does the system catch up at some point and if so - how long? any ideas anyone? (i ask because i am paranoid about losing the money generated through these ‘lost’ sales)



Anyone got any better news today? Mine has not fixed itself…


Same here, sales not updating although payment completed for over 3 hours ago


Does anyone know if amazon know about this issue?


Mine updated at some point in the last 8 hours. But today there is certainly a delay again already today (showing 5 but actually 11 orders.).

I must say I messages seller support in the early hours who said there was nothing wrong.


I never noticed a problem yesterday. Today I was about to start searching for a job until I realised I’d actually sold stuff.


Yesterday and today exactly the same. Was very concerned when I saw it yesterday, but its the same as today.


I was onto seller support- they are aware of IT issue and working on it - issue still remains today!


SC told me that I am the first person to tell them that there is an issue… unfortunate timing for q4 as the discrepancy in actual sales and recorded sales is huge.