Same ASIN, different images on different EU marketplaces, how?



As I know, images of the same ASIN in different marketplaces (UK + DE/FR/IT/ES) are the same. So, if you change the image on, the same image shows in other marketplaces.

However, I saw some listings with different images in different marketplaces even the ASIN is the same.

This is just an example:

How is it possible?

Thanks for the answer in advance.


Those are the same images ?!


No, the images differ in each marketplace while the ASIN is the same. Usually, images sync between marketplaces. Please look at the second image, English text on, German text on, etc. So my question remains: how is it possible?


Asin has been possibly created/added to on each marketplace with a separate sku rather than using build international listings


Is this practice legal?


yes some people do this as its a way of keeping different stocks etc

You are ok to create various skus even on one listing in uk
Ie one sku as new, one sku as used, one sku as fba


Thanks for your answers!


I just found another possible explanation:

"There is a solution: parent and child.

Make your SKUs a variation of a parent item. Parent item will have different SKU for each market, but child items can have same SKU and sync across markets.

This way your main images can be different for every marketplace, as you are not selling the actual parent. In my case I have only one image for child SKU and it is synced across markets, but it is only shown in some places, like PPC on competitors listing (auto campaign).

Keep in mind, that how images work depends on the type of variation you choose. I believe it has to be a variation which does not have to be visualized. Color will not work, for example. Pick something like shape or type of handle or something of that kind."

Can this be the case?


Amazon has launched a self-service image localization tool, called Country-Specific Upload. It allows you to upload your localized images to show in only one specific country, such as images that contain native language.

More info here.

Listing on more than one country

Must be my aging eyes but I still only see English text on the bottle in every marketplace.


That’s what I saw - it’s the secondary images lol


Ah I see now :slight_smile:


“At the moment, it’s only available to Amazon Vendors but is likely to be extended to third-party sellers too in the near future.”

However, it does not seem that the seller of above ASIN is a vendor, or am I wrong?


Main image is the same, other images differ. There are many similar topics where most people state that it is not possible to have different images of the same ASIN in different marketplaces. However, it is obvious from this example that is it possible and knowing how to upload different images would benefit a lot of seller I guess, including me.


Why not ask them? ( away from Amazon of course…:slightly_smiling_face:) Their website is easy to find.


I doubt they would answer :grinning:


Thought this might interest you, access to new BETA programmes/tools to grow their account. ASP 360.


Did you get a solution for this issue? I have same problem as well…


No, I did not. Might be variations, but I don’t know for sure.


Here it is :grin: