Scammed - Warning to Sellers re Multi Channel Fulfillment


Just thought i’d give the heads up for those who may not know, as I didn’t -

I learned a hard lesson using Multi Channel Fulfillment with Amazon FBA. I sold a GBP 600 item last Christmas on my own website taking payment through paypal. I fulfilled it from my FBA stock. All went well with a quick delivery.

Five months later, I receive a chargeback through Paypal citing it was a fraudulent charge on the customers credit card. I fought hard with Paypal and was able to prove tracking number and confirmation of delivery from Amazon. However, little did I know that Amazon only keep full tracking information on your order for 45 days. After this time it is not obtainable from Amazon, apparently. Therefore, Paypal would not accept the Amazon confirmation of delivery or tracking number as proof. I lost the GBP 600 as had to refund to the customer.

I am convinced this was a scam as shortly after this customer ordered, there was a flurry of orders to similar addresses, emails, name variations - I cancelled all of them but it was too late to cancel the Amazon fulfilled order - despite my efforts in trying with seller central, to no avail.
I have to look at it and say I saved myself from losing 5k of other orders, however, the 600 stung badly.
Just a hard lesson - now I know, i screenshot all tracking events of MCF orders, just in case.
Thought this might be helpful to someone out there that’s all.


Thanks for the warning - really good to know.

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