Scammer Lopez back, buying under the name Reynald


That scammer Lopez is still going strong. Now uses name Reynald


Hello @PPL,

As you are saying that there are few suspicious orders which being placed on the account I would suggest you to drop and email to so that the team can review and help you with the account.



Hello Preet.
As you will see from reading this forum there are many sellers who are being repeatedly scammed by dropshippers (especially in the books/media category), by them regularly claiming INR and then A-Zs, DESPITE the end recipient confirming they HAVE received their order.
For some this is getting completely out of hand and the dropshipper is being refunded for an item they never had in the first place, so they get the original purchase price from the customer, then a refund from their drop ship purchase, all down to their fraudulent activity.
These actions have been reported many times by some sellers, yet the claims are always upheld.
Can this not be escalated so these dropshippers are investigated as they are operating against your own Amazon policies:
Examples of drop shipping that are not permitted:
* purchasing products from another online retailer and having that retailer shipping directly to customers; or
* shipping orders with packing slips, invoices or other information indicating a seller name or contact information other than your own.



Yes Preet, this guy has been reported countless times, including by me. Nothing has been done to stop this person in over 3 years. If it was my website it would have been resolved years ago. How is it that Amazon can close seller accounts in a heartbeat, along with some buyer accounts, but not this criminal who continues to operate fraudulently.


Unfortunately although dropshipping is a huge issue, that’s not the issue raised in this thread. The issue raised in this thread is a ‘buyer’ targeting high priced NEW media items, then claiming a refund upon receipt for INAD and then returning a USED item to ensure the refund.
In the meantime, they resell the NEW item having got it for free.
It absolutely stinks and Amazon is aiding this by doing f all about it.