Search Suppressed - Background isn't white enough



I have some items flagged as a Seach Suppressed because “We believe the main image has a non-pure white background which is not permitted for this product type.” It’s true that the background was a coloured one but I summited several new images with the white background and the listings are still search suppressed (it’s been like that more than a week).

This is the image that is still flagged as “non pure white background” and I don’t know what else to do.



You need to use some kind of photoshop or equivalent programme to remove the background

Im sure someone will come on and recommend a free programme. I think there may even be one on the amazon app


Yeah, I’ve done that (I pay for photoshop) but if I do that, the item seems like a sticker, not an actual wearable item. That image was made with a white cardboard as a background, because I wanted to avoid doing photoshop (because the result was awful). It is necessary that the whole background is pure white?




I believe that the product has to also take up 80% of the photo, which this doesn’t

Try cropping it to remove a lot of that excess unnecessary “white”


I think its 85%…


So it needs to be zoomed as well?



Do you know if they’ll allow Main images with my hand on it?



See the help page link I posted above


not unless you are also selling your hand.


I think you can keep the shadow / have the product tilted slightly to maintain the 3d - it’s just the background needs to be whiter so it blends with Amazon’s page.


You can have that as an additional photo.

But your main photo needs to be at least 85% the product (yours is currently less than 20% I would say), on a white background, and containing no more than what the customer will receive


Ok, thanks a lot, I will try AGAIN :sweat_smile:


I’ve had a photo rejected by Amazon before, the reason given as having a Shadow


Was it Hank Marvin? :wink:




pity it’s not on a white background - what a hero image this would be … you’d sell 000’s :slight_smile:


bit of a limited market though…two sales and you would have to call it a day!


You’d have the second one returned because you’d sent them a right hand but the image showed a left hand…