Search Suppressed - Background isn't white enough


We use and find it ok for our needs.


Also look at photoroom in my opinion it is slightly superior to

You get bigger resolution pictures for free than you do with



Only the main image has to be white, and has to be a certain size, the additional images can pretty much be whatever you like as long as appropriate for the listing.


You could try something like this, I’ve done a lot of primary images showing intended usage


In image editing software including Photoshop, you can play around with the levels to lighten an off-white background while keeping the shadow more or less intact.


I use an App called ‘Photoroom’ if thats any help …


This made my day…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


and there’s me thinking i’d set off a bunch of tumbleweeds :slight_smile:


Definitely not aloud nor can you use a mannequin.
no shadows aloud either it has to be a flat image on a pure white background ,so unless you use the awful photoshop images it will be rejected, but the rules only apply to the main image you can put images with your hand as the second image


I use a free phone app called fotofuze. It’s brilliant. It makes all my handshot jewellery photo backgrounds white and haven’t had any issues with my Amazon pics. Very easy to use.


We sell stickers and had this issue all the time. we deal in car stickers and had to photoshop them onto car windows for this to stop happening,




My God you’re on the ball today. :joy::joy::joy:


I love the way,Amazon jump down on images like this, but let there be an actual incorrect image linked to an item, and they don’t care in the slightest



All free to download. For a simple to use for a pure white background Irfanview


Actually they would probably send it back as they wanted a new one, not a second hand onw :joy:


I know I’m going to regret this but… your excellent badge has Gina’s name. Got that, tick.
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What the [] is that all about or am I now simply too old, too white and too male and generally out of touch with the rest of the planet to understand ?


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I would imagine it’s just in case you look at Brian and don’t realise that he wants to be known as Beryl and that Beryl is now a woman, even though she has a beard and prison tattoos.

That being said, this seems to be more commonplace now, my daughter frequently brings friends home from school, at least 3 of them are using genders they were not born with, at 12 years old, all lovely kids though, whatever makes people happy.

As with anything like this, if it bothers you, it says more about you than the person with the badge.