Search Suppressed - Background isn't white enough


Are you on a windows pc? If you are use 3d paint to put a white background onto the image it’s free and gives a very good quick result it can also take away that shadow. There is also “gimp” also free but is a slightly complicated process also gives a very professional result but if you have allot to do 3d paint is much faster.


Try Photoroom Its free to use. perfect for what you need.


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Background needs to be the same colour white as the background of this thread, like previous images above. I know technically the background is white, but if you compare it to the white on this page, it looks more light blue. The folks at AZ are pernickety folks!



I tend to add pictures to a plain white background if they get suppressed. So in this case get a larger white frame and add the picture to it. That usually works for Amazon and you can’t tell the difference on an item page as the outside is clear.
Most of my products go through fine and tend to be the same, occasionally the system picks something up that it thinks is wrong. It’s infuriating but relatively easy to work around.


There you go - took 2 seconds with Photoroom (link above in this thread)


Amazon is full of double standards and BS.

Take a look at this listing we have a presence on B0095U63DO and it’s not the only one not by a long chalk.

I’ve uploaded our photo which is to Amazons standards and tried on numerous occasions to get the ones with the black backgrounds changed but Amazon are not interested in the slightest


Thanks A LOT for all your messages and help (I laughed a lot as well). You are all awesome :slight_smile: I just submitted one with pure white background, zoomed BUT with the little shadow. If this one gets rejected I just remove the shadow and that’s it.

There are amazing suggestions for apps or programs to use so I will take a look at every single one. Thanks again!!! I will let you know if it works :slight_smile:


Now wait for the next suppression…

We believe the main image has text, a logo, graphic or watermark

I get that on my greeting cards sometimes haha



which part of ‘pure white background’ did you not get? :joy:


Don’t think they like shadows. Picky I know but…


Remove the background in lunapic. free tool. love it. online only.



Have you tried the photo studio on the amazon app? I’ve had varying results, some excellent using a white light