Search Terms, Titles and Feedback


Hi everyone. I’m just coming up to 12 months with an Amazon Handmade shop.
Search terms; I’ve been using them as advised from Amazon Handmade. Sometimes if I look for my own stuff I find it, sometimes I don’t! I do jewellery and scarves, mainly earrings, which is a bit of a massive market anyway.
Titles; looking at making my titles less wordy so not as confusing for customers - what are your thoughts, long or short work best?
Feedback; oh i do wish customers would leave feedback on the site not on items. If they leave it on an item that is sold out then no one sees it.
If anyone has any tips here for what seems to work well and what doesn’t then fire away.


Could do with know this too, struggling massively with trying to get sales on here, really gone downhill in the last 6 months.

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