Sell in Ireland from UK FBA


Hi all.
I have and FBA product in the UK market, set up to be delivered only within the UK. I was wondering if there is a way to set it up to be sold as well in the Republic of Ireland, if so, how can I find out the FBA rate to deliver to Ireland? Is it the same as in the UK?


Hi David,
In over a months time Amazon will be stopping cross border (FBA) transactions between the UK and the EU so this will no longer be possible.


Thank you for your answer Tracey. Then it would be good to take advantage as long as it’s still possible, I guess December 31st, do you know how can I find out that information?


It will be finishing before the 31st, more info below.

Brexit update and key dates for your Amazon Business?


Thank you again, Tracey. I highly appreciate that you took the time to reply. Then selling to the Republic of Ireland from the UK website is treated like any other European country? I just assumed that it would be treated as a local fulfilment since Irish buyers are eligible for UK prime members.


The Republic of Ireland remains part of the EU. Northern Ireland is part of the UK.


I know that, but that’s not what this is about. According to Amazon “FREE Delivery is available if you’re ordering eligible items for delivery within the UK or Republic of Ireland”. Please see
Considering that, it’s not crazy to think that sales to buyers from ROI could be treated as local in terms of shipping for UK sellers selling in the UK website, since buyers from ROI are treated as buyers from the UK.


From 1st Jan 2021, customers from the ROI will still be able to order FBA but it would be fulfilled from an EU fulfillment centre.
As to whether Amazon will let them continue to have this FOC is a question for Amazon Customer Services to answer.
When I order from another EU marketplace (other than France) I always get a nominal delivery charge.


Thank you for helping out Tracey


Just to add to this. Amazon have built a new depot in Dublin.
I cant seem to find much info on it but its there, I know someone thats working there. I presume its going to be used for Irish prime customers ordering from the UK, as there is no talk of any, maybe in the near future who knows.

Im dealing with another head-ace at the moment, I’m sure there are others in the same situation, hopefully someone here can help. How to get FBA returns from Amazon FBA UK back to Ireland.

I am currently using parcel wizard with DPD that use a Northern Ireland address, but from the 11th of December they will no longer be accepting parcels from the UK. Has anyone got any alternatives that they could share.

A service somewhere on mainland UK that amazon could ship returns to, where they could possibly build up and be stored for say a month and then shipped back to me in one box to Ireland.

Theres also another issue with DPD shipping inventory to Amazon FBA warhouses from Ireland. Ive been told by them that they have no prepaid duty option set up, so that I will not be able to use them to ship to amazon warehouses. Im not sure if the person is telling me incorrect information or not. Anyone in a similar situation.

Any help is much appreciated!