Seller Accounts (two) Suspended before I could start selling


Hey Guys,

Here is the story so far:

  1. I opened an Amazon account under the company email: and then registered the U.K. Company of the same name to an Amazon Seller account.
    So after opening this I was instructed to change the Seller account Business name and address to Myristica.
    I couldn’t do it on my own in the back-end so I asked for support from Amazon
    The Seller Performance team answered me but at no time did they instruct me how I can change this
    I sent detailed instructions to them and all I got was automated replies or general replies that offer no solutions.
    The account got suspended.
    I tried to get some information from the Amazon U.K. facebook support team but I got replies pointing me to the online support page. They said they would escalate it for me but again all that happened was I was forwarded to the Seller Performance team who didn’t help.
    I then told them to close this account and stated my intention to open another account.

  2. I then opened another Amazon account under the email And I set up a Seller account under the business name Myristica (Croatian company).
    So once I opened it, I sent in all the necessary documents although they are in Croatian. I was informed that other Croatian companies were able to do this with no problems.
    After this they told me that the account was suspended with the following message, "This decision was made after reviewing both your account and the information provided.”
    I replied to find out what had happened and how I can resolved it. So far there has been no response. I logged the question on FB but no answer. I feel that I have been given the runaround and my request to talk to someone on the phone has so far been denied.

Can someone help? I get no response, other than an automated one. The latest message tells me, " We reviewed your account and the information you provided and decided that you should not sell on Amazon . com.

Your account is related to another account that is not allowed to sell merchandise on Amazon. com. Due to the nature of our company, we provide no information about our audit methods."

But again, I get to talk to no one who can resolve this. This is ridiculous seller support.



First of all, you’re not going to get any help from any Amazon Facebook pages. You need to deal with seller support and now seller performance that your account is suspended.

Opening two Amazon accounts is against Amazon policies, the only way to be able to sell on Amazon for you is to have the original account re-instated.


Thank you! I wasn’t aware of that policy.
My plan was not to hoodwink Amazon or anything. I got no help whatsoever from Amazon and I realised on the first account, I needed to change some information that I couldn’t in the seller dashboard. I have gotten no support for either account.

No matter direction I ask for support all I get back are automated messages. How does that help??


How do I get the original one re-instated if I get no replies to that effect? And there is no where I can delete the second account. If it was against their policies they never told me, or never reimbursed me the money to open it or deleted.



Can you post a screenshot of the suspension notice you received from Amazon in relation to the 1st account, only then will be able to help you.


Suspension SS

Here you go! My problem is, that I can’t provide them all the documents I need and so need to change the Business name and address to another sister business where I could upload all the documents I needed. And so since I couldn’t change the name and address I opened the other account that now has all the documents they need.

It appears this has now created a muddle within the system. And all the time I wait, I lose money and my business is affected.



This isn’t the original notification, we need to see the first one which shows the reason for the suspension


Original Suspension


Sorry, this is all confusing. That last screen I sent you was the suspension message for the second account I opened. The suspension message for the original account I opened is attached here:

Suspension 1st acc


This is a bit confusing as to be on this forum changes as I login to my two seller accounts. Sorry!

To summarise, they suspended the 1st account because I did not provide all the documents. As I said, that was a mistake by me as I entered the incorrect business name and address. I asked many time can I please change this but got no replies. I opened a second account cause I needed to move on…I provided all the correct documents. However, in the end they suspended that 2nd account because it was connected to the 1st. It is all a mess.

I hope someone can help me resolve this. I just want to start selling.



Look at it from Amazon’s point of view - you opened an account that doesn’t pass Amazon verification process because you don’t have the necessary documents in the account name.- this account gets suspended so you open a second account in a different name but which does have supporting documentation to pass verification - this automatically is suspended because you now have 2 accounts which is not allowed without prior permission (which you wouldn’t get anyway due to having 1 suspended account. This is not allowed on Amazon.

The only solution now is, as already mentioned, you need to get the original and ask Amazon to close the second one. You will need to obtain the documents you require to pass verification on this first account.


That is the thing, I can’t verify the first. To complete it, I need to change the business name and address. Otherwise the documents will not be substantiated. I do see it from their perspective. But I don’t see how I need to be punished for a mistake like this.

In my defence, I tried to contact Amazon many times to help me resolve the first account issues but got no useful response. All I got was repeating automated messages. I am genuine person, looking to sell on Amazon.

“The only solution now is, as already mentioned, you need to get the original and ask Amazon to close the second one.” Easier said than done, given the fact that I can get no response from Amazon.

I have done a lot to try to resolve this. The only thing I am guilty of is naivety and rashness started the account.



It still looks iffy from an Amazon point of view! Anyway what you should have done was email the Amazon verification address (not a facebook page)and ask for the" grayed out"elements of the original account to be “enabled” so you could change them - this triggers re-verification but you would have the correct documents to pass this you say. Opening a second account to enable you to pass their checks and safeguards is one of the worst mistakes you can make on Amazon.

Trouble is I am not sure they will re-open your original account now you have been suspended, but I don’t see any other solution, so ask the verification team is this is possible. NOT SELLER SUPPORT OR A FACEBOOK PAGE.


Thanks man. I did ask the seller verification team but they never replied to me. So I don’t know what else I can do.
This is the email I was sending my quires to:



I opened a business account yesterday uploaded all the necessary informatiion required and then got a message this morning saying they were unable to verify the information so the account has been closed.
But it does not tell me what to do to resolve this so I am confused as to what to do to resolve this issue.
Can any one help??


That quick, and they “closed” the account? or asked you to submit more documents?
Can you post their notification to you so that you can get the best advice.


I got this message
Dear Seller,

We were unable to verify the information you provided when registering for a Selling on Amazon payment account and, as a result, your Selling on Amazon payment account could not be opened. Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to continue to sell on Amazon.

Please take appropriate steps to resolve any open orders. Note that any amounts paid as a result of A-to-z Guarantee claims and chargebacks may be deducted from the balance in your existing Seller Account.

Please do not hesitate to contact Seller Support with any questions you may have:

Kind regards,
Amazon Payments

and I have not been told what the problem was I have been told to go into the seller account and address the items highlighted but nothing highlighted.

I could do with being ablt to speak to someone direct but do not know how to do this.