Seller based in Ireland - any way to remove stock from UK?


So, we’ve been selling for 10 years. Recently we were going through seller verification process. Our account has now, as of today been officially suspended.
We haven’t been given a reason. I’m not sure why, as we’re VAT registered and compliant in UK and other EU countries, and our product is our own brand, and not a prohibited/ dangerous item (bed linen)
Anyway, we want to close our account at this stage and aren’t interested in appealing, so want to proceed with full removal of stock.
This is possible for our EU FBA stock to ireland, using the “Upload a Removal File”, but doesn’t seem to be possible for UK -> Ireland.

We have contacted a few return handling companies recommended by Amazon in the UK, but none of them say they can return to Republic of Ireland, due to Duty etc…
We’ll obviously pay for Duty is required, but I don’t know if many returns companies will handle this.

Does anyone know of any companies that can help with this?
We used to be able to create removal orders to Northern Ireland but this option isn’t available any more



I can’t help but I’m sorry to hear this


Thanks, you’ve been very helpful before!



I have attached the removal orders from our help pages, Remove inventory (overview), furthermore I have attached a page to International Returns from UK to Ireland, International Returns in United Kingdom.

Hope this helps,



thankyou. I had already contacted a few of those Service providers, but most said they can’t return to Republic of Ireland. I’m waiting on a response from 1 of them but not holding out much hope.

I’ll contact a few more companies on that link, but none of them specifically mention Ireland on their list of countries

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