Seller central doing my swede in over trying to correct titles


As in the title really.

There seems to have been a lot of listings where the titles and descriptions have been corrupted possibly when a csv file has been uploaded with incorrcet information by other sellers.

Ive tried on numerous occasions to get the listing updated but kep going round in circles.

When you try and use the automatic function to correct a title it tells you yoy can t do this and do that and then when you finally mange to get it to agree it is flaaged by SC as not being compliant.

What in gods name is wrong with

Brand Product Title Quantity Size ?

SC says i have to forma tit like this?

[brand] + [department/target group] + [product type] + [product name]

I have multiple cases open for different ASINS and multiple requirements depending on the SC bod that is dealing with it.

I always link to the maufacturers page for reference and provide mu own images with EAN numbers asl well

.It seems they would rather have corrupt and misleading listing rather than correct ones.

Its not rocket science but they make it SOOOO complicted !!



When providing proof supporting your desired updates, the manufacturer’s website needs to show the product identifier and exactly correspond to the product listed on Amazon.


What if the manufacturers website doesnt show a product identifier?

As most retail websites dont ?


Then Amazon will not accept it as proof and you will need to provide them something different, such as a photo of the product showing the barcode and any information which you would like to have updated.