Seller Central-Seller Forums no longer linked?


Once upon a time, the seller could log in from SC and (as soon as they wished to) access the Seller Forums at once.

Then, a recent update came through, which put Seller Forums in read-only mode. Lasted for a few hours.

Ever since, it appears that if the seller logs in from their SC account, their Seller Forum account will NOT log in automatically, making them log in on that by following the entire authentication steps AGAIN :expressionless:. This goes vice versa, too.

Is it normal? Anyone else noticing this?

Recent Seller Forum Interface Update - feedback about the changes

Jupp, the same here…every now and then it happens automatically but most of the time I have to login manually…


yes mine too. Driving me nuts!!


The update makes me crazy. Everytime the country changes haphazardly and when I want to go back to the German Forum I need a new Login inkl. 2FV.


I noticed that, too. Last time I logged in (when I opened this thread) here, the Seller Forum which I found myself to be into was the German one, with German being the default language, despite having logged out from the Italian Seller Forum before (I’m an Italian seller who mainly follows the Italian and UK Seller Forums) :confounded:

PS: Where is your profile pic??? OMG :fearful:


After changing my profile picture the icon shows no picture! Grandiose forum software update: Nothing better but much more worse!


Yes I have noticed and it is a real pain in the butt - if I believed in conspiracies - which I don’t- I would think that it was Amazons way of cutting back on the amount of threads we generate, less people will be bothered entering their password and verification just to add to a thread. I am more likely to do it on my laptop then on my mobile.

It will just be yet another glitch in the system I imagine


I agree that the majority of features changed into worse. I am having issues especially with the post and thread display lag but not being able to change my profile picture is worrying as well.

I will share my feedback thread (which I recently posted) with the ones responsible for managing the forum software so they can act based on it.


the same for me here in France. ( german, then english and when corrected at the top, they didn’t recognize me as a seller, I had to identifyto connect). So I opened a case, they phoned me immediately (!) and said there was a bug, they are trying to solve the problem …Wait and see !


yep, stops me bothering to come on the forum now


Known (and some fixed) bugs in the current Discourse version:

(If they are fixed, that does not mean that they are already fixed in this forum.)


I agree. Personally, it displeases me quite a bit, as I find Seller Forums to be much more reliable and informative than Seller Support.

Hope these issues get fixed ASAP.


Thanks for sharing it.


I am sure. Having changed it 7/8/9/10 times already and not being able to do it again must be terrible! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol
There are much more important things for Amazon to sort out ,catalogue , search motor, fraudulent reviews and bogus feedbacks amongst many other glitches!


Have you ever had the feeling that amazon is primarily concerned with the important things? Be honest…:yum:


This is not Amazon but the Amazon Seller Forum. They have a whole “business team” (in the USA) responsible for managing it and anything which doesn’t work as intended needs to be fixed.

The Forum is very important (this applies to the USA), because this is the only place where Amazon actually listens to sellers and will implement things or alter existing policies based on their feedback, which was already the case for me multiple times after I shared my concerns over there.


I think the reason for that is that currently the forum is on domain. We login through, so once we visit the forum we are asked to login again. After that it does not ask me for verification anymore.
The old one used to be on domain before the recent update


Your whole post above relates to the USA forum so I suggest you post your reply over there. As it serves of no practical use or consequence here, if as you say the USA forum is only one where Amazon listens or pays attention to its sellers.


Absolutely not. All Amazon Seller Forum’s software is managed by the same team. The feedback provided will affect the UK version as well.

The only difference is that in the USA they actually listen to sellers. So I will have to share the concerns of the European sellers over there. That’s why I wanted to know what kind of issues others are having.


in your dreams ! or you are joking… anyway it’s not the case on, really not important for them…we have multiple bugs on the forum now, waiting for them to be corrected . We share opinions, solutions to try to protect ourselves against dishonest buyers, but no longer expect the site to change anything !