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A question that hopefully someone will know the answer too…

So here goes… and fastest fingers first in replying please. However Brownie Points will not be awarded to whom is first responder to my topic of discussion !! What a dilemma :grinning:

The Seller Forum Widget in Seller Central (wherever you have organised it to be) just now changed a Topic from when I looked 10 minutes ago. So I thought - WOW !! - this must be a new topic. But when I clicked on that topic link, there had been no activity on it for 7 hours… :disappointed:

I had assumed that the Widget shows latest topics… not ones stagnant for over 7 hours?


Normally, it should be as you said (Seller Forum widget in SC only shows latest topic).

However, given these seller forums’ frequent software updates, a “few” bugs, glitches etc. etc. occur, such as this:

A thread from the German Seller Forum appearing as the latest topic in my SC Spanish Marketplace :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Any ideas why?

Oh, come on!

(On second thought, no thanks: free gifts aren’t allowed on AMZ. You’d better not do that! :grinning::grin::rofl:)


Ok, no brownie points !! I promise - please don’t report me for offering “something for free” :grinning:


And now? The Seller Forum Widget has disappeared. :laughing:
At least from my Seller Central.
Am I not invited any longer? :grimacing:


You are right, mine has disappeared as well. And this applies to all Amazon marketplaces, including the USA and Japan.

I am assuming that Amazon is simply working on updating the particular widget as a result of suggestions from other sellers who requested that multiple featured forum threads are displayed in the Seller Central instead of just one:

In addition, the same issue is being discussed on the Amazon Japan Seller Forum, where a moderator also acknowledged it and stated that the department is working on the feature and it should be available again soon:


Hi all,

I just want to provide an update for those of you reading on other marketplaces that may not have seen the UK thread regarding a technical issue with the widget.

The widget has been temporarily disabled due to issues that are still be investigated by the technical team. I will provide an update when I have more details.

I would recommend bookmarking this link for any future issues



For those from other marketplaces who are interested, here is the main discussion on the Amazon UK Seller Forum about this subject:


…and do not have any other more important issues than a missing forums-widget…



It’s Amazons IQ test for sellers: Who is smart and will find the forum without the widget?


a rougue who by that evil thinks , as se dschörmen wood say


The forum widget is already working again for me and displaying two different featured threads at the same time - this is a very recent improved feature.


It’s funny because it’s true…



Well, after (almost) two weeks that the seller forum widget reappeared (and disappeared once more), it seems that the widget is back now, but not in all SC marketplaces:

IT: two featured threads;
ES: one featured thread;
UK, FR & DE: no featured thread whatsoever (actually, no seller forum widget at all!)

Is it just me experiencing this “glitch”? Anyone else?


I just looked at my browsers’ bookmarks, and the links are still there as expected.



we still don’t have the widget - UK - I just use the link in help, but I hardly come here now anyway


Out of the Amazon Europe marketplaces, I am not seeing the widget anywhere also but in Italy:

In the USA, the widget is already back along with it’s two featured threads.


Hi all,

The widget has been reinstated on the 5 EU marketplaces. The technical team are still working on the issues that originally resulted in its removal so it may be removed again if necessary.

Please bookmark this link in case it is removed again


Kein Forum Link mehr auf SC Hauptseite

thanks for this information!

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