Seller Fulfilled Prime - erroneous on-time shipment rate


Hi sellers,

Has anyone else had Amazon sending them messages saying that their prime on-time shipment rate is below 99% when it is in fact 100%?

We have had our prime badge taken away twice now only for Amazon to reinstate our prime badge a few days later with no apology for the damage that their mistake has caused our business.

Has anyone else been a victim of this? Our orders are always sent and manifested on time and it would be good to know if this is a wide spread issue with Amazon right now.

Any information from other sellers who have suffered from this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and kind regards.


Yep, we’ve had exactly the same and reported the incompetent seller support agent to the managing directors office as it’s losing us money which in turn loses Amazon money and is inconveniencing Amazon customers who can’t buy our products via Prime currently needlessly.