Seller home page where is it


How can I find my seller home page link that shows all my listings so I can send it to friends . When I click on my buyer name I just get the feedback page


Unless you have a professional selling plan. This is no longer an option.


Ahhh I see surely that is counterproductive for Amazon . But their paranoia is only outmatched by their greed . I think i may quit Amazon


But thanks I spent most of the morning looking for it


Its Sad that Amazons greed discourages recycling of used books . Not only have they disposed of the sellers other items link now they are doubling the referral fee from 50p to a pound so basically its not worth listing anything under £6 as they end up with the lions share after post and packing costs . I am seriously considering giving up selling on Amazon as they are not a nice company to deal with and just got worse. A sad day for recycling used books . Shortsighted and Greedy thats Amazon