Seller Performance Spain Nightmare - No Response



I am writing this post to share my experience and hopefully get some help from a seller who has been in the same situation and found a solution. I’m a UK seller on Amazon for the last 11 years, we have our own white label brand registered with Amazon and have many of the items in the top 100 best sellers. A few years ago we sold our items on Amazon Spain and due to late/lost delivery received 3 negative feedback from buyers and our account was suspended due to exceeding the 1% defect rate. We fully accept this was our fault as the items were low-value items sent untracked, however our policy was always to offer a refund or replacement for items lost in the post. Unfortunately the buyers left feedback before contacting us. Ironcially I am a frequent Amazon buyer myself and in the last 3 deliveries I have placed with prime 2 of them did not arrive on time, 1 was extremely late, 4 days. So lets do the math on that, if I had opened 2 cases from 3, wow, 66% defect rate, well done amazon for practicing what you preach!

Regardless of this and due to the fact that Spain’s postal service was so bad we decided not to sell there anymore and didn’t appeal the decision at the time as we want to concentrate on other marketplaces.

However in the last year we have revamped our products, changed our delivery services and wanted to expand using FBA. We we contacted in September 2019 by a customer representative of Amazon saying they were our new account manager. We were trilled about this as for the first time we had a direct point of contact with Amazon and had good intentions of expanding our brand into the european marketplace. We advised the Amazon manager that our Amazon Spain account was suspended but we wished to get it reinstated so we could offer our products using the PanEU program (Sep 2019).

We submitted our plan of action to her, dealing with identifying the problems that occured, procedures we had put in place to resolve the issues and our plan of action going forward, highlighting we wanted to expand our inventory using Pan EU (We cannot expand our products using PanEU as the ES account was suspended and to enroll the products you must do so in all EU marketplaces).

She told us she would contact Amazon Spain with the plan and get back to us. In the meantime we employed a team to get our listing translated professionally for the EU marketplaces, started VAT registration to ensure we were compliant for storing inventory in other EU countries and started to change packaging to include FBA barcode labels etc.

However this is when the nightmare started, after initially getting some feedback from this Amazon manager, the communication dried up. After a few weeks I sent them an email asking for some updates on the situation, she replied saying that she was still working on it and would get back. To cut a long story short, eventually there was no replies to emails which left us in limbo. Whether the manager had left Amazon or whatever the least they could have done was transfer it to another agent (This has been our experience with how Amazon treats sellers for 11 years).

Knowing that we could no longer rely on Amazon seller support I decided to contact Amazon Spain seller performance directly to try to rectify the problem (after 1.5 months of no reply from Amazon manager). We sent a comprehensive plan of action outlining the root cause of the delivery problems (lack of tracking, slow delivery service etc), we outlined the procedures we had put in place to resolve this (new delivery service to spain, faster, tracked delivery) and our procedures going forward (continued use of improved delivery service, expansion using FBA).

To date we have received neither an acknowledge or receipt of any email we have sent. I submitted the plan directly through the Amazon “Reactivate Account” and also sent emails to the going back over a month. I have emailed the UK seller performance team to see if they could help and once again no response.

I am now at a total loss on how to proceed as I cannot get any reply from Amazon in regard to our account, we have heavily invested in the hope of using Pan EU however due to the fact that Amazon Spain won’t even reply to the plan of action even with an acknowledgement of receipt or a reply to tell us if something is wrong, how can we proceeed.

To add insult to injury, Amazon has started buying our brand products directly from the UK marketplace and started offering them to customers in Amazon Spain under the “Sold by Amazon”. I have been contacted by Amazon Vendor Program who has been telling me that the solution to our PanEU problem is to just sell the items directly to Amazon (obviously a way to maximise their profits on our items by screwing us for 60 day payments, essentially a small brand company financing a trillion dollar company, dictating prices, demanding 5% rebate on invoice for purchasing when we do AQL control on everything and have defect rates between 0-1%).

My question now is, does any sellers know how exactly you can get a response from Amazon Spain seller performance and is there a way to go about this?

We are a veteran seller on Amazon however the way we have been treated recently with run arounds, no response to email does not give us any confidence signing up to their vendor program, if previous experiences serve best they seem to have no interest in their sellers and the only time they take interest is if they can take advantage of them.

So just to recap:

  1. Suspension was due to 3 negative feedbacks received for late delivery
  2. Amazon manager said she would sumit plan for action to try to resolve
  3. No response from amazon manager, looked at another avenue
  4. Emailed Amazon Spain seller support with POA (No Reply)
  5. Emailed Amazon Spain again through Case Log (this was to ask for acknowledgement of receipt, they closed the case as answered without and answer)
  6. Emailed UK seller support to ask if they could help getting in contact (No Reply)
  7. Emailed POA once again through Amazon Spain case (to date no reply or response)

Does anyone actually work in the Amazon Spain performance team as it’s seem not to be the case. I would really appreciate advise from anyone who has been in similar situation to help. How exactly can you get in contact with seller performance spain when they have not replied to anything.

Any help would be appreciated.


How long ago did you send your most recent POA?
And how “comprehensive” was it ? :worried:
Not wishing to be rude, but if your POA was anywhere near as “comprehensive” as your post then they are probably still reading it :smiley: , or actually they have probably taken one look at it and pushed it aside in order to pick up a simpler POA from someone else.

A good POA is structured in this way
1: Root cause
You identify the “why” behind the account issues.
Not the “what”, as in “we received x complaints…” or “some orders were not delivered…” as Amazon already know that, what they want to see is that you have identified the “why” that led to those issues.

2: Immediate actions taken to resolve the issues identified in your root cause, and make all customers whole.
These should be “we have” steps, not “we will”
If policy is an issue at all then name and link any appropriate policy pages that you have read.
Give details of any changes you have made.
e.g “We put new procedures in place to…” would be insufficient, you would need to describe those procedures.

3: Pro active measures taken to ensure compliance moving forward to ensure the root cause issues cannot happen again.

If you want any advice on the plan you sent in please post it here, along with Amazons original SP suspension notice to you.


Hi Vida_Electronics,

When exactly did you have the Order Defect Rate issues on your Spanish account? Is it more than 5 years?


Hi Victoria,

Thanks for replying, yes we received the defects in July 2014 so it would have been more than 5 years ago.


Update: Finally got a reply from Amazon Spain thankfully. Not sure if posting on this forum had an impact but seems to have worked. Account was reactivated so can enroll our items in the Pan EU now.


I totally empathise with your situation Vida Electronics.

Have exactly the same problem re Spain!

Despite getting help on the forum from Amazon staff to submit a concise and detailed POA No response to the plan or indeed subsequent attempts to elicit a response for seller performance in Spain!

UK can’t seem to help either.

Someone somewhere needs to sort out the issue with the SPO team in Spain. It is plainly not functioning as it should!


Hi @ETI_Ltd1,

My advice is to be patient. I finally managed to get a response from them, I submitted the first plan on 21/11/2019 and only got a response on 30/12/2019. So around 40 days for them to respond, which is crazy.

Here’s some pointer I think might help:

  1. Follow the online guidelines for submitting the plan, there are lots of good forums with suggestions on effective ones. The main factors are that you have identified the reasons for the defects and what caused them, you have implemented new procedures to solve them, and you have implemented a process to avoid them happening in the future. Structure it exactly like this and in detail.

  2. I read online that if you submit the plan multiple times it’s not beneficial as they start the process all over again, I am not certain about this. I initially sent the plan directly to the seller performance email on 21st Nov. After no reply, I sent it again this time directly through seller central on 27th Nov, after no reply again I sent it on 20th Dec again through seller central. I am unsure if it made a difference.

  3. Post your own thread on a new forum and explain the situation, I got a reply from an Amazon admin on 19th of Dec on this thread and the account was unsuspended 11 days later. This perhaps might have helped.

  4. Seller performance Spain is way slower than the other sites, I had a similar issue with our Amazon US account and I had left it years without contacting them. I submitted a plan to them directly through seller central and got a reply within a few days.

  5. I’m not sure what caused the defects however we have had good success in the past asking buyers to remove negative feedback (if this contributes to your case). Contact the buyers directly and try to resolve the situation with them, for example if it’s for lost or defective items offer them a full refund, explain to them that Amazon penalises you very severely for negative feedback and you always try to resolve issues with your customers. Try get them to empathise with your situation as they might be willing to remove the feedback.

The fact is Amazon does not hold itself to the same standards it expects from sellers and in my opinion, they are incredibly unreasonable. For example, as a buyer on Amazon out of the last 10 orders I have placed using FBA, 3 had delivery issues, 2 were delayed far past the estimated time and another was lost. That would reflect a 30% defect rate for them, however, I doubt they would suspend their own account and cut off their revenue stream inhibiting ability to pay staff wages. Yet they seem perfectly fine doing it to sellers, even long term ones who have been loyal for years.

I hope the info above helps you and you get your account back up and running soon.