Seller personal information used in review


Hi all,

I need the forums advice on what to do about a reviewer who has put my actual name (owner of the company for the brand I sell) into his review.

The reviewer is a competitor who left a 1 star but it is very difficult to get Amazon to remove it because he skirts the guidelines and it’s hard for me to prove. I can settle for the review being left as the product gets many good ratings but I am not happy (and don’t think it’s fair) that my personal name is listed.

Surely this is against some kind of GDPR, privacy policy or personal information guidelines right? Does anyone have any advice on how this should be handled?


Yes, you’re right. You need to report it and email your above post including a link to the ASIN / product concerned here:-


Hi @anglozone - reported it and nothing was done about it. I was looking for some kind of personal information / GDPR report button on Amazon but couldn’t find one. I could report it to but I need to give Amazon a chance first to fix the issue.


Did you mention the privacy issue as well the fact it is a competitor?
I don’t know if there is a backlog or how long Amazon will take to remove it, but they do state all cases (sent to that address) will be investigated, even if they don’t come back to you. Little consolation whilst you’re waiting, I know.


Yeah I mentioned the personal information being posted (which is against their review guidelines) along with evidence of some pretty abusive messages he sent to me on Amazon’s messaging system… along with him trying to get me to give him a freebie in exhange for a good review. And so on… I stuck within Amazon’s guidelines at all times. He didn’t on many occasions. Amazon have done nothing so far. Maybe it’s taking time but I first reported this in January. I came back to check the review and it’s still there so emailed Amazon again last week to the email you just posted.


January!! :open_mouth: That’s ages ago…
Did you report the messages separately, as abuse, via the messaging system? Escalating to the Md’s team would be the next move.


I know right? The pandemic distracted me. It’s been manic.

Hmmm. No I didn’t report the abusive messages separately. Will look into that.

I just don’t know how it’s okay for a buyer to put my personal name and details on an Amazon review along with such abuse and get away with it. Boggles the mind.

Thank you for the tip. Will look into it.