Seller Support - Unbelievable!


Hey Everyone
Is it just me or does anyone else find seller support excruciatingly irritating?
For the simplest thing I’m finding I have to send two or three emails…
Anyone else encountering these kind of problems?


Yes, the most irritating is when you put a case in for something quite simple and it goes back and forth as

Me: Can you make this change please in the Amazon catalogue as it’s obviously wrong
Them: No we can’t do that
Me: Yes you can
Them: Ok we can do that

I hate it when the mistake is so obvious but they still won’t change it.
For example we had a case in because although the parent title was correct the child products in the catalogue had womens in the title (when it’s a product for men) which was causing customer confusion as they would look at their order history and the product said Women’s.

Put a case in asking if they could replace the word women’s with men’s (or even just take women’s out) but no they refused, even though the image is a man wearing the product, the gender in the production details is men’s


Yes they are very unprofessional and don’t even know whats going on 90% of the time. Since it has been dealt by India team members they have gone down the sink hole. They don’t even know whats going on and just close a case without coming to conclusion. copy paste close! I myself find them so irritating!


Simply put, they are useless.
I have spent half a dozen emails to support this morning, trying to find out what a charge is on my account. (It is just as “Other”).
Basically them telling me that they can’t tell me!

Can you imagine any other company not being able to tell you what your being charged for?

Sick to death of them.


So what can we do about it, is it worth going to the press do you think?