Seller Verification - New Account - Review / Suspended


I recently opened a new business account for limited company and although completing all the verification in Seller Central the account has been suspended pending a review. I assume this is standard protocol for new account to ensure all is order?

I had an email that said to start the review process click on the appeal button. I filled in the boxes and waited…
This was 28 May. I have since emailed the seller verification team and performance team, which is what I was advised by the seller support team. And I have waited some more. I hope this doesn’t take too long and I find it frustrating that they happily take the subscription payment before the account is verified.

Any way If anyone has any advise or if anyone is having the same issues then would love to hear from you. I will update this thread as things develop or any findings to help others in the future.

All the best.


While suspensions following a new seller registration are common on the Amazon USA marketplace, it is unusual for the Amazon Europe site.

What does the notice which you received from Amazon say?


Hi Kika,

The information is vague and does not request any particular documents or information. To give you an example this is what I received today:

Your Amazon selling account remains deactivated. Your listings have been removed. Funds will not be transferred to you and may be held for 90 days or longer. Please ship any open orders to avoid further impact to your account.

Why is this happening?
This decision was made after reviewing both your account and the information provided.

We may not respond to further emails about this issue.

Which gives no indication on how to the issue.


This response indicates a failure to pass the Account Verification.

The documents which you submitted during registration or further verification didn’t match the details in your account.

This cannot be appealed with a Plan of Action, you will need to e-mail to see, what was wrong.


Thanks Kika, I have emailed the seller verification team so will just need to sit tight and find out what the issue is. Ive been through and checked all the info and can not see what the problem is. Hopefully when they get back to me it will shed some light on the issue.

I will update here once I know as this will hopefully help others in the future.

Al the best.


I have had the same problem and its been over 2 weeks since I set my account up, I have re-submitted my documents etc and all they say is we are verifying and can’t give you a time scale as to when it will be done. They are quick to take the money to open an account if they don’t open it soon I would have paid for a month without being able to use my account.
I really do not understand why it takes so long, you can open an eBay account straight away.


Seller Account Verification can take months. Mine took 3 months to complete.

I can only advise you to patiently wait.


same happen with my account


This arrived this morning - looks like phishing??
You are receiving this email because your account was flagged for further review. If you do not provide the requested information we may remove your selling privileges.
To complete the review follow the steps:

  1. Click on “Verify Now” to initiate the verification process.
    Verify Now

         (Log in required)
  2. You’ll have to log in now.

  3. Enter the characters as they are shown in the image (if asked).

  4. Confirm your identity.
    If you face any issue please write back to us with a screenshot of the issue.
    Seller Performance Team


This is clearly a phishing e-mail. Seller Performance doesn’t ask sellers to provide them screenshots.

Here are 2 very helpful Amazon help pages, where you will find some tips how to protect your account and identify fake e-mails:


3 months? how can anyone be patient for 3 months? Hats off to you but that is really poor. Can you imagine replying to your customer after 3 months? what would the performance score look like?


Me too. I opened (or tried to) an account on 23rd May and all I get is account is suspended, I have been approved for Amazon pay but am unable to sell anything. I have emailed the world and his family even rang customer service who said they would email the seller verification team.
All I get is automated responses, I need a human being to tell me what the issue is and whether they are going to activate my account. They are happy to take the monthly fee which I feel is not fair as I am paying for something I can’t use.
All I want is an answer to whether the account will be opened soon or not, if not then I can close the Amazon one and open another online selling platform.


Make sure you downgrade your account so that you will not pay the monthly Pro fee, and if you haven’t sold anything, request a refund of the fees already taken - they should reimburse as long as you haven’t sold anything.


It won’t let me downgrade my account as its showing as suspended, maybe I should close the account?


You can downgrade your Seller Account using this link:

However, the refund can be only requested when it’s in a good standing and not suspended.

Also, you won’t be able to close a suspended account.


Thanks I have managed to downgrade, will try and close it haven’t actually used the account because they never completed the verification so there are not orders or listings.
I will sell my products on another online store.


I may be very wrong, but I think if you do close your account that you may not be able to ever open another one - am sure I have seen that mentioned on here before.


You have nothing to lose by leaving your account as it is. Having downgraded you will have no fees to pay.
Verification can take days, weeks or months. If it remains inactive Amazon will deactivate it anyway but at least that gives you an opportunity to reactivate it in the future - by which time it probably will be verified :wink:


Suspended accounts are effectively closed, they can not be completely deleted as Amazon wants to store the information for security purposes, to prevent blocked sellers from freely opening new accounts and circumventing their suspension.

So you won’t be able to have it closed even if you request the closure. But in case you ever decide to start selling, you can appeal.


Hi all, just wanted to do a quick update. My account is now up and running. I am still in the dark to why and what the review was all about, but I guess its just Amazon doing checks to ensure that all new accounts meet the requirements. So took about a month to be approved. Anyone else having similar issues all I can say is double check everything is correct and read thoroughly any emails, anything you have submitted and of course Amazons terms of service and guideline. After that just be patient - which I know can be frustrating.

All the best and thank you to all who have responded to my initial help request :slight_smile: