Seller Verification - New Account - Review / Suspended


Great, that’s nice to hear :)))


Good to hear,
I registered my account on May 21st and still account is suspended and “Under verification” to this date
I submitted all documents, emailed verification and performance and managing director, contacted seller support many times still nothing…
Happy for you though :wink:


Same here you are not alone and its really puzzling.


They actually successfully verified my account but for some reason I am still not able to sell cause the performance team did not reinstated my account, so still waiting 10 weeks after opening
good for you also to know you are not alone… best of luck


so i somehow failed verification!? i think i know why. when they asked to provide proof of address. i took a photo of my landline bill and when i uploaded i got a red error below saying the document is invalid please upload a valid one. i thought the bots they were using were giving a false postive so i just submitted anyway. when i uploaded my passport i used same camera to take photo i never got that error. i find it evil they can just turn around and say decision is final without giving me an opportunity to fix it. i already appealed through notification and sent an email to verification team. any one else got that type of error for proof of address before?


If your account was successfully verified but still shows as suspended, I would advise you to try e-mailing, to have the matter escalated.