Seller verification


Having the worst time setting up. Have rejected my passport as it has the new hologram image which makes photographing difficult

Have been waiting for a fba refund since the 14th of December

Have had my bank account rejected as a pre pay card when Starling are a well known bank and I do not have pre pay cards

Have also tried to get tanning mist verified but items have been bought in a retail store do involve is normal reciept. I am not able to provide such detailed invoices from superdrug.

This is a lot of stress, for a new seller.


Then the item isn’t new, plus, you cannot prove it is an original product as opposed to a counterfeit product. Without invoices you will not be able to sell them on Amazon.


A receipt with company, barcode and seal bottle should confirm purchase though. How do people do retail arbitrage on make up and cosmetics if you are required to post such documents


With difficulty, just as you have experienced…


Oh yes, I see that side!