Seller Verification


My listing status is active in the Manage Inventory tab But on the seller central home page (Listings not available for sale on Amazon)
Information has been provided and is pending validation. This has been going on for Months


Yes - currently taking 3-4 months so long as all info provided is ok


thanks for your Reply
So in this time what we can do ? How to Request them for fasting this Process


You can’t, and they won’t. Just be patient, that’s all you can do and if they ask for any further information just make sure what you supply is correct to avoid any delays


My account is being verified since the end of Aug20. All correct info was supplied and everything was done correctly. Should I close account and start again as i am not getting anywhere - it seems stuck.


Don’t under any circumstances open a second account to circumnavigate the first account’s delays/problems. It is against Amazon policy to open a second account without prior consent from Amazon which is possible under special circumstances. They will pick up both accounts pretty quickly and both accounts will be suspended. You need to check that you have supplied all the requested information correctly and be patient.


Absolutely NOT - you will end up in an even worse mess.
You need to wait for this first account to be verified.