Sellers Fees for HoA from 1st Aug


What a real shame that Amazon has chosen to introduce their fee for Professional Seller Accounts (which you need to have a Handmade account) :slightly_frowning_face:

HoA is no longer a viable option for me with a fee of $39.99 a month when I only get 1/2 sales a month. Trying to compete with mass produced stuff on Amazon. It would be fab if I could run a HoA on an Individual Seller Account especially as most of us are small businesses.

I was starting to really enjoy Amazon but the fee is just too high to justify the platform and it was fab having a presence on all selling platforms but this will be good bye from me

Emma x


I was under the impression that the pro account was free for handmade ?!
Was it just a time period offer or have you listed in other categories too ?


Hi Emma,

I see you posted using US $. This was mentioned on the Amazon .com forum

Not sure if it applies to Amazon Handmade UK though?


@The_Little_Shop - I just tried to downgrade my seller account to an Individual Plan and was told it would remove my Handmade on Amazon account.

@Anglozone, I only did that because that’s the fee that Amazon said - the email came from Amazon Services Europe and says the fee is approximately £28.81.

I don’t sell on a professional account, only Handmade on Amazon


This is the message from the help files when I try to downgrade my account to an Individual Sellers Account:

You have a Handmade seller account, which requires participation in the professional selling plan Changing to the individual selling plan will also end your Handmade subscription. Create a case to downgrade your account and end your Amazon Handmade subscription.

Create a case

In order to downgrade your selling plan, we will have to terminate your Handmade subscription. Create a case to terminate your subscription.


I don’t think it applies to Handmade. The fees are waived indefinitely. When we first set up on Handmade the Professional Fee was taken but refunded because we are only selling on Handmade. We are also allowed to sell up to 40 items per month on the marketplace without incurring a fee. Anything over that then the monthly fee applies.


I have had it confirmed today that HoA is exempt but the email didn’t make that clear :frowning:


Dear Makers, the latest fees communication about ‘Upcoming changes to the Professional Selling Fee billing’ excludes Handmade Sellers. Once a seller is approved to sell on Handmade, the monthly professional selling fee is waived. Amazon Handmade is a store for makers to sell their unique, handcrafted goods. There is no monthly or hidden fees, just a 12.24% referral fee when you sell a product, listing your product is free. More information here:

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