Selling across European sites


Hi All-i am registered as a sole proprietor in the uk.Do sole proprietors have access to selling on all Europe sites or do i need to upgrade for this.
Will i need to register for each country’s site separately or am i automatically registered for each one.
Also will i need to get authorisation for selling costume jewellry and if so how do i go about obtaining this.All help is much appreciated.Many thanks.


The option to sell on international Amazon marketplaces is available to select during registration. If you registered an account solely on the UK site, then you will be unable to change your settings later.

There should be a drop down menu on the top of the main Seller Central page enabling you to switch into a different European site. If it is not present, then it indicates that you don’t have an unified European account.

Regarding approvals in restricted categories, you will need to search for the products which you would like to sell and then see if you need to obtain a prior approval or not.