Selling amazon fire tablet 10


Silly question I know but have not sold one before. I purchased a brand new fire tablet 10. The latest model
For half price that it should it have been. It was sold from a well known supermarket in the UK. I Purchased the tablet today and have the receipt from the store. If I sold it and the tablet broke within the year warranty would the customer have to send it back to me or Amazon for a replacement.

As I said silly question.


If sold as new, as the seller, you are responsible.

However if selling as used, then probably not.


Then I hope the OP checked to see if his guarantee was transferable to a new owner after his retail purchase…


I will have to check that out with the store, it was paid for by a debit card. Maybe not worth the aggravation just thought I could have made about 40 percent profit.

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