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I’m new to Amazon and have struggled to find my way around however each day is getting a tiny bit better .

I have a very basic question .

I am registered to sell on Amazon handmade and now have the professional plan …at no extra cost apart from the initial £25 approx.

When i look at seller central …at the top i see my shop name …and its set showing United Kingdom …Great …that is correct as i have begun to list my products .

My question is …Are my products seen in Europe ? Can i sell to Europe ?

I can see at the top next to my name there is a drop down box showing the other countries i can sell to however my products are not listed there ?

Do i need to list all my products again …in each different country to sell there ?

If so, is there an easy way to copy all my listings over to each country ?

It is a basic question …i know

Thank you to anyone who can help me



Yes you can sell on other sites in EU

To copy your listings across, you could use the Build International listings tool - although your asins may not be available in eu due to them being handmade so you may need to add them manually on each site

You then activate your eu sites by going to settings - account info - going on holidays and setting each country you want your offers to show in to active

Make sure you adjust your prices accordingly taking into account vat , duties and postage cost

That’s the easy bit !

Are you registered with a courier that you can upload amazons IOSS number electronically ?
Do you know the relevant HS tarrif codes for your products ?
Are you up to date with customs forms ?
Do you have a return address in EU ? If not, refunds will be automatically granted for any return requests

Many of us no longer sell outside UK due to these hurdles


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question .

I will have to go away and read up on all of your points

I had heard that selling into Europe wasn’t straight forward .

I sold an item on Ebay recently to Germany and it seemed very straightforward . Ebay’s system seemed to do all this . I believe my product was posted to Ebay’s collection point somewhere in England (Thats where i had to address my postage ) …and from then on it found its way to my customer in Germany .
The buyer had to pay extra by way of taxes etc …but this was all done through Ebay and i didnt know anything about it until the item had sold ?


It’s actually even worse that @The_Little_Shop outlined, because Amazon require you to send orders DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) to Europe, so that customers are never confronted with extra charges. Failure to do would be a breach of policy and is likely to lead to account suspension.

In this respect, as in so many others, Amazon is nothing like eBay. In fact, you’ll find life very much easier if you stop comparing it to eBay altogether.

You have a mountain of information to glean and apply, in order to make this work, which is why @The_Little_Shop also said:

However, there are a few sellers who are still managing to fulfil FBM to Europe, and you can find information about that here on the forum.

Note also that if you use the BIL tool, the prices shown on EU Amazon channels will be automatically synchronised, so you will lose the ability to adjust them on a channel-by-channel basis (unless Amazon have changed the system since I last looked).

Finally, when selling on Amazon, you’d be well advised never to say:

Not knowing about things is what gets so many new sellers into serious difficulties on Amazon.


Thank you for all your advice …its much appreciated


Double check every order.

Royal Mail takes Amazon’s IOSS number electronically but it sometimes disappears into the ether.

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