Selling in Europe advice - Some stock show and some not


I am trying to expand my store across Europe and have signed up to Pan EU.

I have noticed some of my stock is showing as in stock even though I have not sent any stock to Europe (They are in stock in UK FBA) but other variants of the same items are not showing in stock (But are in stock in the UK)

Can anyone advise me why this is and what i need to do to get all my stock showing as in stock?

I hope the above made sense.


if some offers are appearing in EU without you sending stock, that sounds like you have also enrolled in EFN

Just to check when you say you have enrolled in Pan EU - have you registered for VAT in your target countries ?


Hi, thank you for the response.

No I have not registered for VAT in any country.
I turned the settings to enable Pan EU a few weeks back but then left it until now.

After doing some research a lot of people are advising against Pan EU as they say you have to register in all the countries that you store stock.

With regards to the EFN any idea why not all my variants are showing in stock then as they are all in stock in the UK?


Are you able to disenrol from pan eu before you trigger vat requirements ??

As for the EFN, it’s still being rolled out until June and not all products are offer-able

Have you checked you prices to ensure you are covering the extra fees ?


I find this all really stressful!

I emailed seller support and they talked me through how to unregister (Maybe it is because I have not sent any stock abroad yet).

Do I need to register for VAT abroad even if I have not hit the threshold?

I have set my listings up abroad is it now as simple as clicking replenish inventory on the country I want to send the stock to?

Thank you for you time and advice


If you store stock there, you register for VAT there. No threshold applies.

As per above, no it isn’t that simple. There are various ways to sell to the EU, with EFN from the UK being the simplest. It’s the simplest because your stock is stored in the UK.


Do you need to sell outside UK?
Many don’t - especially with the new EPR requirements


We don’t need to but feel we have maxed our potential sales in the UK so it was either EU next or USA.


Hi Demel, We are currently enrolled on EFN but where i am struggling with this is that we sell an item with 3 size variants 1 of these size variants are listed as in stock but the other 2 are out of stock and we cannot understand this since they are all in stock in the UK


Am i right in assuming you think that pan-eu still includes the UK.
You cannot use Pan-eu anymore as you have to be registered in Europe in order to store goods there, that is why the stock is not showing as available If is stored in the UK it is not available to Europe only if using the EFN which are quite a difference in fee structure.

Are you a UK based seller?


Are you VAT registered in the UK?


No, we have being selling only 6 months so have not hit the threshold for needing to register yet.


I can’t really determine much from your image since you were registered for both Pan-EU and EFN. All i would say is that EFN from the UK is on a gradual rollout, so it might be possible to have some ASINs live and others not.


ok the reason I ask is that you are wanting to expand into Europe saying you feel you have saturated the UK market and yet the sales I would say a relatively low to be thinking about doing that. I would honestly concentrate more on the UK than worrying about Europe.

Many seasoned sellers me included expanded into Europe well before Brexit and since Brexit, it is almost impossible. There is very heavy compliance and emerging co compliance before you can do this especially when it comes to storing stock over there.

The title of the thread is selling in Europe advice and my advice is at the moment I wouldn’t do it. Knowing what I know now and if I had to start again, I wouldn’t embark on the journey, you get bogged down with it and will take your eye off the ball in the UK.


No sorry I think this thread has got a little confusing now.

We were looking at doing Pan EU but after reading reviews we feel we won’t do Pan EU and just send stock the the countries we want to sell in (France, Spain, Italy).

I was just curious as to why some of our items were showing as in stock in the EU even though we hadn’t sent any and I was informed by people that have responded this would be because have have EFN active.
What I cannot understand though is why only some of our stock is showing in stock in the EU and not others.
For example we have a product that has 3 different sizes, same product only difference is the size, but only 1 of the items are showing as in stock in the EU.

(See image)


They are probably just not active in the EU and you have your EFN settings on. A lot of this is timing of when you used the Build international listings tool. Also don’t get too worried about why some products behave differently to others I have been trying to fathom that out for the last 8 years.


Thank you for your honest review.

Our sales in the UK seem to have reached a consistent point ad it’s hard to see how they would grow by to much as our items are not seasonal items so it is not like we will have a boost at Christmas.

We have the stock to expand to EU or US but it has being causing me a right headache trying to get my head around it all.

I will take your advice and stay away from the EU for now and I really appreciate your honesty.

Would you say the US market is worth expanding to or is there as many hurdles as the EU market?



I have looked into the US market but don’t currently do anything with it. I dabbled with the Japan market and to be fair I did ok but you have the same issues with needing an importer of record to develop fba.
The US market used to have all sorts of barriers and the only worrying thing is that Amazon are pushing sellers in the UK towards exploring everything around Europe and offering support but I don’t see this being a thing trying to get UK sellers more in the US. This may change over time.

You know your products better than anyone else and everything is still about supply and demand. I don’t know whether there is a huge demand with nobody supplying it but the biggest thing that everyone underestimates when trying to supply outside of the UK is that compliance is incredibly difficult as well as stressful. Amazon will push you towards it but they won’t hold your hand nor offer much assistance when you come to challenges over compliance, in fact they are likely to suspend your account even if you inadvertently step out of line or bring in any heat from inland revenues.


Just to readd the point I made further up the thread then as you want to continue with EFN - have you sorted your EPR ? As I believe you onky have a couple of weeks left


Can I ask, if I was to use the amazon VAT registration service which says it charges a 1 off fee of ÂŁ300 for registration in 6 countries and then a monthly fee of ÂŁ142 would this take care of everything I need to do?

Do they submit the returns for you?