Selling in other European countries as a sole trader


Hi everyone.
I’m a sole trader at the moment, not VAT registered here in the U.K as income isn’t that high just yet. I’m wondering about selling in some other EU countries like France or Germany etc… but I’m not sure how that works in terms of tax, VAT, import fees and so on. Is it really just as simple as selling in those countries if you’re not VAT registered and not having any additional fees? Or does it make things far more complicated?
Thanks for your help.


You can sell to other EU countries from your UK market place without too many worries at the moment. You don’t have to be VAT registered in those countries until you hit the different thresholds. You only have to be VAT registered straightaway if you store stock in those countries. Import fees/duty are the responsibility of the buyer if they are bought off the UK market place. If you are listing on the EU market place and a buyer buys a product from their own country then you are liable for import fees/duty.

To list your items on the other EU market places you can use Build International Listings

One thing to remember each individual market place have their own shipping templates so you need to have the correct postage charges in each place.

How Brexit will effect this no one knows at the moment