Selling on


Is there a simple way to sell on (US) if you’re already selling on


You would still need to go through the full verification process. They are treated as separate.



Sorry to jump in …

its asking for credit card details again when you register for .com , so does it charge you again ?



Yes, it’s a separate region so there’s additional fees.


I see that in some categories the US market is more interesting than here in EU. Before signing up for an seller account, I would like to know if I have the optimal conditions.

  1. Business - I already have a seller account and an UK based LTD business. Would my UK based limited company be enough to signup and sell on (US) or do I need (or would be better to) register/open a US based LLC business as well?
  2. Brand - If I dont need an US based business and want to have a registered brand in the US, who (better) should own the brand, myself or my UK business? Does amazon manage to link/revise/approve all this?

Thank you very much